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Apple Watch review: price drop makes Apple’s smartwatch more affordable

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ENDSARS Protests

The Mistake Has Been Made …

Whether we like him or not we are stuck with him till 2023, the earlier we understand this the better. Don’t join any group to protest, maim, destroy or agitate again.

Buhari if he is a mistake, we must learn to endure him…Don’t allow anyone lead you to war. A child that has never witnessed war will think war is just killing of people only.

They forget war is starvation; war is rape; war is deprivation of movement; war is fear;  war is lack of access to health care.

War brings diseases, war is homelessness, war is losing children, war is losing parents, war Is losing spouses, war is losing loved ones.

War is creating an entire generation who will be illiterates, war is so much more than just shooting guns and ending lives.

Even after war, it will take decades to heal, to reconcile, to build etc. Ask Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Libya, Yemen, Biafra( whatever that means);

War in reality is different from war in the movies. When next you wish for war, ask those who have actually witnessed it… the Igbo of Nigeria.

We fought a good fight…Now we know the animals we voted for…Let’s pay them back on the ballot box.

God bless everybody who participated meaningfully in the #EndSarsMovement

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