Dog steals Reporter’s Mic During broadcast

A golden retriever stole the show during a Moscow weather reporter’s live outdoor segment when he stole a colorful microphone and ran off with it.

A weather reporter for TV station MIR 24, Nadezhda Serezhkina,was delivering a live report in Moscow about spring weather in the capital when a golden retriever ran up and snatched the colorful microphone out of her hands.

Serezhkina was seen running after the golden retriever before the feed cut back to an anchor in the studio.

The reporter returned to the screen moments later with her microphone back in her hands and the golden retriever, named Martin, granting her on on-air interview.

The station said Martin is a “kind and playful” dog and Serezhkina is planning to visit the canine for a follow-up interview.

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COVID-19: Woman Produces Vagina-Scented Nose Masks

Corona virus induced creativity has paid commercially as a New Jersey woman, Angela Anderson has been making a killing with her online business.

The 55-year-old founded Coronapussy, a company that sells vagina-smelling face masks for $4.99.The strangest thing is that she managed to sell 500 in the first 24 hours.

Anderson thought of the idea after being fired from her hotel job and decided on supplementing her income by designing a mask different from any other. In a report by IOL, she said:

Next week we’ll release another 500 units for sale at the same price, they’re not made fast, otherwise the aroma disappears in a few hours.

She acquires the “authentic” smell for her masks by placing a fine cloth in the vagina for two hours and then glues it inside the mask.

With (these) face masks you can be protected and also enjoy that vaginal smell that people love. This idea is working out.

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Scammer Gets Clerics Prayers To Hack Sim Cards

Police  have arrested one Ayoola Olalekan, a suspected SIM hacker in Osun State.

The 27-years-old Olalekan  who told the press that he dropped out of secondary school before joining the crime also stated that before he commences on any job he goes to churches, mosques and also visits Pastors and Alfas for prayer. 

While answering questions on why he decided to hack people’s bank account, Olalekan said, “I was formerly into an Aluminum job which I left to join the ‘wire-wire job’ that was paying better.”

Olalekan speaking on why he was arrested said, a boy whose name is Samuel called him to inform him that there was an iPhone 6X which he will like him to hack the SIM card to transfer the money into the account of the owner.

He said, “I went to meet him at Ibadan Tollgate, I could not find any contact and BVN in the phone when I checked it, I also checked the iCloud but still couldn’t find any clue until I check the owner’s email address where I saw the BVN.

“I inputted the BVN into my hacking software and saw the owner’s name, date of birth, and address and that was how I started transferring the money from the owner’s bank account but I was not aware that Samuel is into robbery”.

Olalekan said it was hard for the police to locate him because he does not make mistakes.

He said, “whenever I get an alert SIM that I want to withdraw from, I open another fictitious account using the BVN of my last victim then I transfer the money into the account so anytime the police wants to arrest me they arrest my previous victim.”

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Pet Birds Wear Pampers To Club

A man who adopted two pet geese during lockdown has started taking them to his local pub wearing nappies. Sven Kirby, 34, is regularly spotted walking the birds, named Norbert and Beep Beep, around the streets of Leeds and the odd trio have now branched out into socialising in their local.

The admin assistant hand-reared the birds from five days old after buying them for £40 each in June. He lets them have free rein of the house when he’s at home while he keeps them in a pen in the garden when he’s out.

 Sven, who lives on his own, said: ‘I know a goose is a strange pet but it’s something different that I have wanted for a while. ‘I could have got a dog but as I work full time I didn’t think that was very fair, geese require much less attention.’ ‘I love the two of them, they’re brilliant characters and great fun to keep as pets.

The geese have to wear special nappies indoors because they aren’t toilet trained. Sven first got the idea of keeping geese a few years ago when he was in York visiting his then girlfriend and saw some waddling along the riverbank.

He said: ‘My ex wasn’t too keen on the idea so when we broke up I decided it was my chance to finally do it.’ When lockdown hit, he did some research and found his nearest breeder was in Grantham, Lincolnshire, so set off on the 160 mile round trip.

Sven said the pair haven’t had any behavioural problems and have generally been easy to keep, as they don’t require much exercise and have a diet 80% made up of grass.  However, they can’t be potty trained so he does have to put them in specially made goose nappies shipped in from America when they’re inside the house.

Sven added: ‘They’re very happy and friendly animals, which makes them great to keep as pets.’I’ve hand raised them from five days old so they see me as their daddy, they follow me about everywhere and can sometimes be protective. ‘They are all talk though, they have a little honk at someone every now and then but it’s nothing to worry about.’

Sven named the birds Norbert and Beep .Sven works five days a week so generally puts Norbert and Beep in the boot of his car to take out for walks on Friday evenings and weekends.

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Blind Priest With Massive Tumour Worshiped As God

A 32-year-old Indian priest Dabul Mishra is being worshipped by local villagers as a god due to a massive facial tumour.

Mishra who lives in Uttar Pradesh with his blind wife and their three children was born with the tumour has been unable to get rid of the growth despite visiting several doctors and exhausting his savings.

Mishra’s birth left him with the condition that caused his face and lips to grow to outsized proportions.He works in a local temple to support his family because he refuses to beg.

However, the villagers see the deformity as a blessing and believe him to be an incarnation of the god Lord Jambavantha, who is depicted with a bear-like face. His bizarre appearance has them worshipping him as an incarnation of Lord Jambavanta.

Speaking about his condition, Mishra said: ‘I was born with this condition but never took to begging because of my self-respect. Although I consider this as a curse, the people have now found a god in me and worships me as an incarnation of Lord Jambavantha.

I tried visiting many hospitals but no one could find me a proper cure, I almost exhausted my savings but then stopped going to the hospitals with a hope of cure. The government officials are aware of my condition but have not offered any help.”

Dabul currently lives in poor conditions with his blind wife and children – but has not lost hope .

His wife said: “It is a tough life for us as I am blind and he is suffering from this condition. It is good that I cannot see else it would have been more tough for me after seeing my husband in this condition.”

Mishra currently lives in poor conditions and his job involves collecting donations from devotees and singing songs at religious gatherings.

He is not giving up hope for a better life as he says: “I will keep fighting till the end and find a cure of it, it is just that at the moment I am not in the condition to afford my expenses.

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Woman 30, Gives Birth To 16 Children

A 30-year-old woman, Zainab Abu of Makwalla community in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State gave birth to a set of quadruplets in the village without going for any antenatal care or medical check-up.

According to the woman who had previously given birth to 12 children lack of facilities and the distance barrier coupled with inadequate transportation facilities in the village culminated to her inability to attend hospital throughout her pregnancy period.

She confessed, “l have been giving birth to multiple number of twins in the village without going for any medical diagnosis, or see a doctor. This time around wasn’t an exception when l gave birth to these children without attending any hospital because of the challenges we are going through in the village.”

Zainab further confessed that throughout her life as a housewife, she has never attended any antenatal or has been counseled on child spacing due to the distance of their village to any available medical centre nearest to their residence.

She explained that she has been giving birth to multiple of twins, stressing that this is the first time she has given birth to quadruplets.

Zainab explained, “I have gone through serious pains, stress, and indeed it’s not really easy giving birth to four kids at a time in the village without any modern medical support. I thank God for helping me to have given birth to these children safely.

“I always used traditional medicine and other drugs from local drugs vendors in the village whenever l felt pains in my body.

“I also chose to give birth in the village for fear of using the canoe to cross the river and thereafter use motorcycle for a long distance before getting any modern medical facility. The pain involved and the fear of the unknown always make some of us in the village to take the risk of giving birth in the village.”

The husband to Zainab, Mallam Mohammed Kabiru, recall the excruciating pain his wife went through before giving birth to the quadruplets, stressing that many women in the community go through similar situations before giving birth to their children.

Mallam Kabiru explained that his wife has given birth to 12 children besides those that have died due to poor accessibility of modern medical treatment and appealed to the Kaduna state government to make a Primary Health Care available in the community to arrest the health challenges they have gone through in the community.

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Couple Makes Gin From Elephant Dung

After a holiday to a game reserve in South Africa, Paula Ansley and her husband Les thought it would it be possible to make gin using elephant dung?

Les, a South African, had moved to the UK years earlier, where he met Paula. Both worked as professors in different fields of biology, but after leaving academia they hatched a plan to move to South Africa to start a business that could contribute to conservation and give back to the community.

So after that visit to the game reserve, Paula, a gin lover, reasoned: Why not let elephants do the hard work of collecting a range of natural ingredients for flavoring gin? Neither had any experience distilling, but the pair took a gamble and in 2018 they created Indlovu Gin, infused with “botanicals foraged by elephants” — and sourced from their poop.

“We contacted Botlierskop [Game Reserve in the Western Cape] and we said, do you think you could send us some elephant dung?” explained Les Ansley. “They said, yeah sure, no problem, and they mailed us some elephant dung and we started looking at how to prepare it.”

The dung is dried and goes through a sanitization process, before it is rinsed and dried again says Ansley, making it entirely safe to drink. The final dry product is then infused into the gin.  

But doesn’t the gin taste like … dung? “It’s got an earthy, grassy-type flavor,” said Ansley. “Depending on where we collect the botanicals or which elephants we collect botanicals from, the gin flavor is going to change slightly.”

As well as including classic gin flavorings like juniper and coriander, Indlovu Gin takes its taste from extracts of the elephants’ diet of roots, grasses, fruit and bark – including aloe and acacia.

“We were very aware that if we are making a gin from dung, we have to make a good gin,” said Ansley.

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Indian Dies In Battle With Cock

An India man has been killed during a cockfight after a sharp blade tied to a cock cut his abdomen while waiting for the duel to start.

The organisers were said to have violated the 1960 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, according to an Indian Supreme Court ruling had which banned cockfight in the country.

The cockfight took place in Pragadavaram village in West Godavari, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, as the organisers tied a razor-sharp blade to the leg of the cocks, police said.

The tragedy occurred when one of the organisers, Saripalli Venkateswara Rao, 55, held the cock in his hands, as he waited to release it into the arena to fight.The cock suddenly struggled against his grip in a bid for freedom, and the blade fatally pierced the abdomen of a spectator who was standing nearby, inflicting a deep wound.

The supreme court ban was defied in several parts of East and West Godavari, as the people use the practice to celebrate Makar Sankranti.

Makar Sankranti is a cultural festival day in the Hindu calendar which the people dedicate to the deity Surya.

Similarly, in the village of Kavvagunta in West Godavari District, ten people were reported to have sustained injury, while two people were injured in Chintam Palli village from cockfights.

According to reports, in Andhra Pradesh in India, the raising of fowls used for the fight is usually expensive, as the owners spend the amounts in other to prepare the fowls for such duels.

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Dog Gives Birth To 21 Puppies

A British woman said her dog may have broken a world record when she gave birth to a litter of 21 puppies.

Joanne Hine said her Great Dane/American bulldog mix, Mary Jane, was initially expected to deliver a litter of six to eight puppies, but the dog ended up having 21 babies when she went into labor Nov. 20.

The Guinness World Record for largest litter of puppies stands at 24, but Tia the Neapolitan mastiff gave birth in 2004 via Caesarean section and MJ gave birth naturally, leading Hine to wonder whether the litter could be its own world record.

“I’m so proud of her. MJ did it all on her own Annie and Ruth of Jane Callow Veterinary Practice by her side the whole time,” Hine said.

She said the 14 puppies that survived the birth require constant care and attention, since MJ doesn’t have enough nipples to nurse them all.

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Students Turn Dog Poo Into Building Bricks

A group of secondary school students in the Philippines has found a way to convert poo from stray dogs into a mixture for bricks, aiming to rid city streets of excrement and potentially even lower construction costs.

As part of a research project, eighth graders in the Payatas district north of the capital Manila gathered and air-dried dog faeces, which were then mixed with cement powder and moulded into rectangular “bio bricks”.

“Our streets will really be cleaned up,” Mark Acebuche, the students’ science class adviser said.

 He hoped local government or corporations would sponsor the students’ research to help upgrade production.

Dog ownership in the Philippines is unregulated and rules on taking care of pets are only loosely implemented, leading to a large number of stray dogs.

The students say their “bio bricks” are ideal for sidewalk pavements or small structures like backyard walls. Each brick contains 10 grams of dog poo and 10 grams of cement powder, and has a faint odor that the group says will fade with time.

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