ENDSARS Protests

ENDSARS Protests

The Mistake Has Been Made …

Whether we like him or not we are stuck with him till 2023, the earlier we understand this the better. Don’t join any group to protest, maim, destroy or agitate again.

Buhari if he is a mistake, we must learn to endure him…Don’t allow anyone lead you to war. A child that has never witnessed war will think war is just killing of people only.

They forget war is starvation; war is rape; war is deprivation of movement; war is fear;  war is lack of access to health care.

War brings diseases, war is homelessness, war is losing children, war is losing parents, war Is losing spouses, war is losing loved ones.

War is creating an entire generation who will be illiterates, war is so much more than just shooting guns and ending lives.

Even after war, it will take decades to heal, to reconcile, to build etc. Ask Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Libya, Yemen, Biafra( whatever that means);

War in reality is different from war in the movies. When next you wish for war, ask those who have actually witnessed it… the Igbo of Nigeria.

We fought a good fight…Now we know the animals we voted for…Let’s pay them back on the ballot box.

God bless everybody who participated meaningfully in the #EndSarsMovement

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ENDSARS Protests

Okupe’s Advice To Protesters

Our dear gallant youths, you have done well and virtually the whole nation is proud of you. You have accomplished much and you must gain maximally from this unprecedented national achievements. You really have *#sorosoke* with no disguise.

I want to particularly ask you to note that in all dealings with governments and sovereignties worldwide and throughout all history, including wars, everything ends on the negotiating table. Yes! It all and always ends up on the table.You must be ready to go to table soonest lest you lose your momentum and colossal gains and citizens support.

Please observe that the government has demonstrated ready acqueisces to virtually all your demands.Secondly it is obvious they have also adopted a policy of non interference with your protests.Please never for one imagine that you have cowed government. It takes much more than is happening now to do so.

For as long as they keep accepting your demands and they fail to apply force or try to stop you, very soon the threat to your continued success will not come from government but the masses who though are with you now,but when their daily bread, existence and wellbeing begin to be threatened they will make a turn around, and it will not be funny.

Therefore, please prepare to go to the table with the authorities who are already primed to be receptive. To go to the table you need two things.

1. A leadership structure.2. Well articulated compilation of your demands which must be comprehensive and addressing all areas where leadership and government have failed over the years. You must categorize them into 3; Immediate, Short time; that’s within 6 to 12 months & long term.

Also they must include what can be achieved via legislation and through executive orders and administrative changes.To choose leadership will be a challenge to you because I believe this was not on your menu.

I advice you employ technology which you are quite versed in. Create a platform where in each state, those who want to offer themselves can be registered with their CVs and bio data.Choose a date and let all your folks who must have registered online to vote, vote for them. Pick the first 10 or 12 or any number you choose to constitute your state leaders.

All state leaders so elected will come together virtually or physically and select National leaders, ensuring every state is represented.

With this team in place and your propositions at hand you can approach the government and begin the historic talk.

Our eyes and our hopes are on you. The nation’s destiny is in your hands. You have a unique opportunity to put your names in gold in the annals of our National History if not National Treasure.

May the Almighty God guide you and bless you all with the competency of divine wisdom required for this great assignment. Good luck.

Dr. Doyin Okupe

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ENDSARS Protests

Edo govt declares 24-hour curfew

The Edo State Government hereby imposes a 24-hour curfew across the state till further notice.

The curfew is to take effect from 4pm, October 19, 2020.

This decision has become necessary because of the very disturbing incidents of vandalism and attacks on private individuals and institutions by hoodlums in the guise of #ENDSARS protesters.

While the government of Edo State respects the rights of its citizens to undertake legitimate protests, it cannot sit idly when hoodlums have taken laws into their hands to cause mayhem on innocent citizens and the state.

By the directive, schools and businesses are to shut down activities accordingly. Those who cannot move safely are to stay put between now and 4pm till calmness is restored.

Parents are advised to rein in their children, youths and wards, to forestall further breakdown of law and order.

The responsibility of government is to protect lives and property and maintain law and order, therefore, anyone found outside in violation of the curfew would be dealt with according to the law.


Osarodion Ogie Esq.

Secretary to the State Government,

Edo State.

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ENDSARS Protests

SARS Is A Microcosm Of Our Problem

SARS is just a microcosm of our bigger problem as a nation. Our disregard and disrespect for human life and dignity.

When as a CIVIL SERVANT, you refused to move file of the ordinary person because he can’t “settle’ you, you are a #SARS killing without gun. When as an USHER or CHURCH OFFICIAL, you disrespect the ordinary church member because he came to church by public transport, you are a #SARS killing without gun.

When as a CEO or DIRECTOR, you want that Young lady or guy sleep with you before she/he gets that job or promotion, you are a #SARS killing without gun. When as a parent, you bribe the school officials to give your wards an advantage in exams because you have the means and by this, the hardworking child misses the admission that’s rightfully his you are a #SARS killing without gun

When as a Religious leader, you celebrate and honour only those who are powerful and influential and can donate to your organization while you make the average member feel less than human just because he has little or nothing, you are a #SARS killing without gun.

When you are a lecturer in an higher institution, you forced your female students to sleep with you before they can pass their exams, you are a #SARS killing without gun. When you as an artisian, you take advantage of your customers and lie to them about the nature of the work they brought to you, you are a #SARS killing without gun.

#SARS is not that BRUTAL POLICE OFFICER with a physical gun to intimidate powerless US, but that person who takes advantage of the system to treat the VULNERABLE as trash.All those that cornered the palliatives from the government to the people,  are #SARS killing without gun. As a politician who knows what to do and refused to do so! You are #SARS killing without Gun.

You in charge of any ministry/Employment who take the unqualified ones becos of relationship and leave the Qualified ones…you are a SARS killing without Gun! We are all guilty. Time for all of us to repent and change. Change begins with you, me and us. Good Morning!!!

#EndSARS## ##End police brutality

*Harshtag ENDSARS or harshtag end PMB?*

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