‘UN, Britain Should Save Nigeria From Breakup’

Elder statesman and preacher, Dr. Sokari Soberekon has appealed to the United Nations and the British government to intervene in the deteriorating security situation in the country to avert a possible civil war.

The elder statesman who spoke to The Vortex in an interview in Port Harcourt deplored the social crises, ethnic division and insecurity in the country and noted that the amalgamation of the country has brought more woes and underdevelopment than could have been envisaged by the colonial masters.

The bickering and divisions among the components units of the country has become worrisome and embarrassing.”

I call on the United Nation, and the British government who midwife the joining of Nigeria to intervene and save the country before we plunge into another war; he declared.

Soberekon stated that it was better to break up the country in peace than war, stressing that the peaceful disintegration will set the nation free from bloodletting, nepotism and marginalization by persons and groups.

“I have not seen in the Brotherhood we stand’ inscribed in the National Anthem. We are significantly different in every culture, tradition and political orientations. If we have to divide the country to solve the crises, it can be done in peace. We can relate as nations,” he stated.

The former world Wrestling Champion however called on President Mohammadu Buhari to take the alternative recourse of carrying out holistic restructuring of the country to allow each federating unit to manage its resources for development and pay tax to the centre.

He blamed the Nigeria Armed forces for the current crises of confidence among ethnic group in the country, asserting that the intervention of the military in the politics of the nation dislocated the socio-economic and political development of the country.

President Mohammadu Buhari would have written his name in Nigeria history if he could be courageous to carry out holistic restructuring of the country because,’ Nigerian needs freedom not violence, killings and intimidations and other forms of crimes going on in the country.   

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