Tourists Apologise 500 Times Over Covid Lockdown Breach

Ten foreign tourists have been punished for flouting the coronavirus lockdown in India by being made to write out lines including “I am sorry” 500 times on pieces of paper.

Officers in the popular tourist destination of Rishikesh in northern India found the novel way to set an example when they came across a group of foreigners relaxing on the banks of the river Ganges, in violation of the rules.

Kumar  said the 10 tourists who included nationals of Australia, Israel, Austria and Mexico, had said they thought a daily relaxation of the lockdown from 7am to 1pm for people to go out and buy essential goods extended to allowing them to take a walk by the river.

The tourists were made to write “I did not follow the lockdown. I am sorry” 500 times. “After punishing them, I told them that it is a light one and if they refuse to do so then they will be blacklisted which will bar them from entering India again,” Kumar said.

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