Scammer Gets Clerics Prayers To Hack Sim Cards

Police  have arrested one Ayoola Olalekan, a suspected SIM hacker in Osun State.

The 27-years-old Olalekan  who told the press that he dropped out of secondary school before joining the crime also stated that before he commences on any job he goes to churches, mosques and also visits Pastors and Alfas for prayer. 

While answering questions on why he decided to hack people’s bank account, Olalekan said, “I was formerly into an Aluminum job which I left to join the ‘wire-wire job’ that was paying better.”

Olalekan speaking on why he was arrested said, a boy whose name is Samuel called him to inform him that there was an iPhone 6X which he will like him to hack the SIM card to transfer the money into the account of the owner.

He said, “I went to meet him at Ibadan Tollgate, I could not find any contact and BVN in the phone when I checked it, I also checked the iCloud but still couldn’t find any clue until I check the owner’s email address where I saw the BVN.

“I inputted the BVN into my hacking software and saw the owner’s name, date of birth, and address and that was how I started transferring the money from the owner’s bank account but I was not aware that Samuel is into robbery”.

Olalekan said it was hard for the police to locate him because he does not make mistakes.

He said, “whenever I get an alert SIM that I want to withdraw from, I open another fictitious account using the BVN of my last victim then I transfer the money into the account so anytime the police wants to arrest me they arrest my previous victim.”

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