Human Capacity, Pivotal To National Dev. – Adeyemi

The International Easter Youth Conference of Church of God Mission International is an initiative organized annually for influencing the lives of young people around the world with the unique message of the ministry’s drive towards global leadership.

In the heart of every youth is a God given dream and destiny. Many young people around the world engage in various activities in pursuit of their dreams. Success and true fulfillment in life is however a product of God’s word. The International Easter Conference is specially packaged with the Youth in mind to satisfy the hunger in their spirit to fulfill their God given dream and destiny.

While the coronavirus pandemic lead to the cancellation of 2020 edition, youths around the globe anticipated with so much excitement the Easter conference 2021 with the theme, “Focus On Christ To Discover and Fulfill Purpose”.

Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Center, Rev. Sam Adeyemi says the country’s development requires resourceful youths in leadership and entrepreneurship with ability to provide solutions to problems.

Adeyemi spoke in Benin while addressing youths at the Easter Conference organized by the Christian Youth Fellowship of Church of God Mission International.

He observed that building the next generation of good leaders and credible entrepreneurs would involve improving the quality of youths through critical thinking solutions.

“We need to increase the quality of our youths by increasing their problem solving mindset and qualitative synopsis.

“This could be achieved by leveraging on diverse opportunities provided by technology and science, engaging in purposeful leadership and standing for God’s purpose on earth,” he said.

Adeyemi charged the youths to be intentional and have “a can-do- mindset and live uprightly at all times to bring the desired change in Nigeria.

“Don’t be afraid but have the core values that align with your vision. Be excellent, be healthy and follow your purpose with precision and detailing; if you fail, rise up and move forward. Creating values for yourself and others require that you be intentional with life decisions from choosing your career to building networks as well as nurturing relationships. Importantly, do not forget the necessity of being at the center of God’s will”, he said.

He called on Nigeria youths to take advantage of any legitimate process to secure deep change for the nation’s development.

“You must use every legitimate opportunity to secure deep changes that will lead to Nigeria’s development. The systems you confront are strategic and tactical. They may be steps ahead. You need to think long term and pace yourself. Speak forcefully but peacefully. Don’t be provoked to violence. Don’t act somebody else’s script. Lightning has enough power to light a city, but it destroys because it has no structure. Shift gear into participation in the political process when the time comes soon.

“Some of you will be governors, senators, president, CEOs, etc., in 10 to 20 years. Hold the vision of a developed Nigeria in your heart. Commit to value human life, be honest, promote justice, serve with excellence, and cultivate leadership skills. God will help you.” he ended.

In his address, Bishop FEB Idahosa II, congratulated participants of the conference, urging them to be good ambassadors of God, the Church and Nation.

“Having gone through days of trainings, life-transforming messages and teachings, I congratulate you. The responsibility is now on you to be worthy examples of the words you’ve heard to be change catalysts in your spheres of influence,” he said.

Sector Director, South-South Sector 2 of the Christian Youth Fellowship, Pst. Manasseh Worika said Christian Youths should rise up and enforce kingdom principles across all sectors of the economy, adding that they must be stewards of the faith and avoid compromising standards.

“We should stop shifting blame on our leaders. Each individual should be able to give accounts of their stewardship in every area of life. As Christian youths, we must inject Christian values into our affairs to grapple with the many vices that accompany ill behaviors in Nigeria, such as corruption, ethnicism, statism, arson, looting, hooliganism, and various forms of un-ethnical behaviors. The youth who operate in the nooks and corners of the society must endeavor to become the leaven of the society. Be a God-Class Youth wherever you find yourself, standing for the truth and what is right.”

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