COVID-19: Woman Produces Vagina-Scented Nose Masks

Corona virus induced creativity has paid commercially as a New Jersey woman, Angela Anderson has been making a killing with her online business.

The 55-year-old founded Coronapussy, a company that sells vagina-smelling face masks for $4.99.The strangest thing is that she managed to sell 500 in the first 24 hours.

Anderson thought of the idea after being fired from her hotel job and decided on supplementing her income by designing a mask different from any other. In a report by IOL, she said:

Next week we’ll release another 500 units for sale at the same price, they’re not made fast, otherwise the aroma disappears in a few hours.

She acquires the “authentic” smell for her masks by placing a fine cloth in the vagina for two hours and then glues it inside the mask.

With (these) face masks you can be protected and also enjoy that vaginal smell that people love. This idea is working out.

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