Trump Alerts Republicans On Senate Majority

President Trump took to Twitter early Friday to warn his followers that Democrats have their sights set on winning the Senate, but vowed that Republicans would ultimately prevail, despite what looked like an uphill climb.

Trump tweeted ,“So now the Democrats are working to gain control of the U.S. Senate through their actions on John James, David Perdue, and more. Would End the Filibuster, “Life”, 2A, and would Pack and Rotate the Court. Presidency becomes even more important. We will win!”

The president was referring to Perdue’s closely watched Senate race in Georgia against Jon Ossoff, a Democrat who has been making gains on the Republican’s vote count. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that it appeared the two were headed to a runoff.

James’ campaign ended in a narrow defeat in what turned out to be one of the tightest Senate races in the country against incumbent Michigan Democrat Sen. Gary Peters.
James said in a statement, “While Senator Peters is currently ahead, I have deep concerns that millions of Michiganders may have been disenfranchised by a dishonest few who cheat. While not everyone wins in an election, voters must be confident that the election was fair and honest. Failure to do so, is the end of democracy.”

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