A Diaspora group, Yoruba One Voice, YOV, said   rallies held last Thursday across the six continents of the world were significant to the destiny of Yoruba race.

Speaking  after the rally in South Africa, Secretary-General of the group, Dr.Sina Okanlomo, commended all members of the group for their commitment to the ideals of the group.

He said the success recorded at the rallies held across the 176 countries of the world was a big testimony that the group was determined to seek independence of the Oodua Republic, without infringing on the rights of the people of Nigerians.

Okanlomo said: “It is in the interest of the Yoruba nation to exit the current political format and build, in its place, a Yoruba nation that would live peacefully with the neighbours in accordance with international laws.

 “As a group of Yoruba in the Diaspora, We are entitled to our rights. There is an urgent need for a referendum as a genuine reason for us to know the basis for our existence. We have resolved to set the ball rolling. We have stated the reason for seeking the complete independence of the O’odua Republic. The rallies came as best alternative because Yoruba in the Diaspora strongly owes our allegiance to the Oodua Republic.”

Okanlomo, however, expressed appreciation to IPOB members that joined the rallies from their base for their solidarity and display of maturity during the rallies.

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