Nose Masks: Imprisonment Of A Lifetime

Late last year,Wuhan was in the news globally,for the wrong reason. The reason is a pandemic called Corona virus.

Like a harmattan wild fire it sprout from Wuhan and spread to the rest of the globe, living the first world nations grappling for non existent solutions and the third world nations bewildered,confused and flabbergasted.

Nowhere else to run for solutions, nations sought for homegrown solutions. The first to come up with remediation took advantage of others,while the helpless look up to the powerful for a permanent solution.

They disagreed to agreement later to succumb that a kind of chloroquine could be of great assistance.

Still gasping for the permanent solution we settled for the protocols

All tailored towards maintaining good hygiene, the protocols came in their other

A.                          Wash your hands with soap and water.

B.                          Use a hand sanitizer.

C.                          Wear a nose mask.

D. Maintain social distancing which brewed debate and later christened physical distancing.

E.                          See a doctor if you feel unwell. That is if curfew and security agencies will let you. Not forgetting the koboko boys.

F.                          Obey government directives (even if it is tyrannical) etc.

The list appeared endless but abridged into numbers.

Alas! We now hear that Corona virus has come to stay. Thus, the protocols seems for a lifetime.

Particularly, the wearing of a nose mask, different designs,features and sizes now flood the open market. The once exclusive products of the medical practitioners, security agencies and a few others, now is available for all.

The nose mask is for a unique purpose to prevent obnoxious odour and that temporary in the real sense of the matter.

This is how it works: we inhale oxygen from plants and exhale carbon dioxide for same. Obviously, nature takes care of itself. Inhale and exhale simultaneously as nature takes care of the rest.

At what point before now do we have to wear nose masks. First, to the medical practitioners when they have to open a human body for operations or similar activities to prevent inhaling of obnoxious odour from same activities.

Second, when the security agencies have to disperse protesters with teargas cannisters. This is to prevent them from inhaling the unhealthy teargas, as they use same against the protesters against their will to quell or end the protest in mapped and marked setting. Soon after the created harsh atmosphere, nature takes care of the rest, gradually, peace returns.

Whilst in mask, the practitioner is left uncomfortable,albeit, temporary. This is because he/she exhales and inhales into the same piece of material cocooned in the cacophony of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Quite dangerous but temporal to save a bigger damage.

Covid19 protocols to the least has initiated all of us. Hear we are masking ourselves on the streets and in public places.

The air within the mask is hot, combusting and somewhat suffocating but we have to obey. Who corrupted this atmosphere and how long shall we remain imprisoned?

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