Monarch Vows To Preserve Kirike Culture

The Amayanabo of Kirike Kingdom, His Royal Highness, King (Air Commodore) Tamuno-omisiki E.O.Ogube, has pledged to synergize with the Rivers State Museum to preserve the artifacts of Kirike Kingdom to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Kingdom.

The Amayanabo of Kirike Kingdom made the pledge when the management of the Rivers State Museum paid him an official visit in his Palace in Kirike Kingdom, Okrika Local Government Area.

King Ogube says, he is committed to preserving the rich culture of the people of Kirike Kingdom through a deliberate gathering of artifacts and historical documents relating to Kirike people.

The Monarch stated that Kirike Kingdom has an abundant reservoir of artifacts and rich cultural heritage which are reflected in the habit, marriage, skills, norms, mores, value system, plays, dressing, burial system and social behaviour of the people.

The Royal Father says, as part of measures put in place to preserve the rich culture of the people of Kirike Kingdom, he has initiated programmes that will ensure that the young generation speak Kirike dialect fluently and read Kirike Bible with effective skills.

He stated that in this era when foreign culture has infiltrated and eroded the African traditional ethos and system, it becomes imperative for the people to preserve their artifacts for generation yet unborn.

King Ogube expressed readiness to put in place proactive mechanism that will fast track the study of Kirike dialect and Kirike Bible as this will help rekindle and rejuvenate the dying culture of the people.

  Acting Director, Rivers State Museum, Amaibari Israel said the visit to the Palace of the Amayanabo of Kirike Kingdom is to gather artifacts and documented historical records relating to the culture and tradition of the people of Kirike Kingdom now and for future generation.

Amaibara Israel stated that, it is the statutory responsibilities of the Rivers State Museum to visit Government recognised traditional Rulers in the State to gather historical facts and artifacts which are displayed in the Museum for tourists to see.

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