‘How Tourism Can Create Jobs, Raise IGR’

As the world celebrates the 2020 edition of World Tourism Day, a foremost tourism practitioner in Rivers State, Mr. Steve Isokariari, has advised the Federal and State Governments to design innovative tourism plans that will create jobs, generate income and diversify the nation’s economy.

Isokariari, who for several years served as chairman of Board of Trustees of National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies, in an exclusive interview with The Vortex, said Nigeria has enormous tourism sites and resources that can yield jobs and revenue and drive the domestic economy.

According to him, many countries in Africa like, Egypt, South Africa Kenya, Ghana, have developed their tourism industry and were raking in Billions of dollars.

Isokariari noted that tourism is acclaimed all over the world as the fastest growing industry and regretted that Rivers State is yet to give tourism the priority it deserves.

He stated various initiatives by practitioners to bring in investors to develop Rivers tourism potentials adding that ‘the problem that have militated against tourism development in Rivers State has been overwhelmingly that of lack of political will, professionalism, lack of vision and patriotism.

Isokariari declared that “tourism does not exist in Rivers State because we have not allowed it to work,” adding that if tourism is developed we won’t be talking about unemployment because the industry can provide a lot of jobs for the youths.

He said, “we can make more money from tourism in Rivers State. There are several tourist sites in Rivers State that are begging to be developed.”

The tourism chieftain urged the State Government to involve the private sector and develop a tourism master plan to ensure the sustainable development and growth.    

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