An iliterate middle-aged man who was still savouring the fact that his teenage first son, against all odds, succeeded in entering the walls of a primary school once found himself in what at best could be described as a melodrama.

He was found urinating by the wall protecting the mansion of a very respected man whose last child, a son, was a four hundred level undergraduate.

On seeing the man, the undergraduate politely advised him that rather than urinate on the wall, it would have been better to do so in the nearby bush path.

All the illiterate man could pick out of the youngman’s advice was insult, because, as his senses could lead him, the “small boy of yesterday” has insulted him with “big English words”.

The illiterate man was so furious he sent for his son to come and insult the undergraduate in “big English” in retaliation. To the amazement of passersby, who were attracted by the thunderous expressions of the man, the primary school pupil honoured his father’s call and directive to use all the English words he had been taught in school to insult the undergraduate.

The pupil suddenly planted himself in front of the undergraduate and in all seriousness started: “you’re a pencil, you’re a ruler, Mary is a girl, John is a boy …” and so on.

Meanwhile, the illiterate man was nodding his head in appreciation of his son’s ability to speak “big English”

The undergraduate and crowd that had assembled in anticipation of very serious trouble merely laughed and dispersed to their various destinations.

This is what a faceless Anthony Enoch Anietie and his principal, “Dakuku Adol Peterside, Ph.D”, under the guise of “Dapmedia Team”, a perceived political chattel, have been doing, true to colour, in response to my very sincere and harmless advice for Dakuku to avoid following the bandwagon of people who merely want to talk for the heck of it.

The shameful response was over the demolition of two hotels in Eleme Local Government Area, for flouting an Executive Order aimed at preventing Coronavirus spread in Rivers State.

In the stated advice to Dakuku, I talked about the “Looking Glass Theory” of Sociology, which makes people see only negative attributes in themselves in every other person but themselves.

Otherwise, what else could make a people to be so mischievously daft to the extent of being blind to all the widespread commendations to Governor Wike’s proactive measures taken to prevent a community transmission of the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic in Rivers State?

Such measures that had set the pace for other State Governments to follow at each point, and which had ensured that even in the face of deliberate Federal Government sabotage, Rivers State has so far had relatively limited cases of the Coronavirus infection.

Measures which even the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), had acknowledged to the chagrin of those who would never see anything good in goodness.

The latest of such numerous endorsements is from Total E & P, which unequivocally stated that if every other State had taken steps taken by Rivers State, Nigeria wouldn’t have had as much COVID-19 cases as it currently has.

But, no, the likes of Dakuku will refuse to accept that what we are faced with is a war with an invisible enemy. And that the only way to defeat such an enemy is to curb its possible routes. In the process, pains will be inevitably inflicted at some points, and regrettably too. But what should matter most  is that the enemy is defeated for the overall good. Every other thing can be taken care of later.

Instead, they would refuse to see the aim, and chose to wallow in the peripheral, even when they know that it is the only way to ensure the safety of the lives of the people, including themselves. The good news is that the true Rivers people at heart appreciate what their Governor is doing.

They know that it’s only a visionary leader like Governor Wike, who knows that only the best is good for governance, that can surround himself with such square pegs in square holes as the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Communications, Pastor Paulinus Nsirim.

Dakuku himself knows Nsirim as a seasoned Journalist, Communicator, Communications Strategist and many more the nincompoop, Anthony Enoch Anietie, and his cotravellers will not know.

But, if for nothing else, by the unnecessary acrimonious outburst of the said Anthony Enoch Anietie to a simple advice, Dakuku only succeeded in exposing himself further in the line of the Looking Glass Theory.

In all, one can only dismiss the purported author, Anthony Enoch Anietie, for who he is, a faceless sychophantic and cowardly insignificant fellow.

Soibi Max-Alalibo SA on Media to the Hon Commissioner Ministry of Information and Communications Rivers State

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