Monarch Orders Suspension Of Social Activities In Kirike

In furtherance to the Executive Order of Governor Nyesom Ezewon Wike to the people of the State on measures to protect the residents of the State over Corona virus, the Amayanabo of Kirike, His Royal Highness, King (Air Commodore) Tamuno-omisiki Ogube,   said based on the Governor’s order, all wedding activities, House meetings, burial ceremonies,social gatherings and Masquerade displays are henceforth suspended till further notice in Kirike Kingdom.

 Director of Media, Publicity and Communications to the Amayanabo of Kirike, Tamuno George, said, King Ogube, has also ordered the closure of nightclubs, party halls, event centers and religious gatherings and crusades in the kingdom.

The Statement posited that, King Ogube has also directed all War Canoe House Chiefs in the kingdom to take steps to sensitize their subjects on the Corona Virus scourge in line with the Governor’s order as that is the only way to prevent and protect residents of Kirike Kingdom from contracting the Virus.

The Statement added that all war canoe house Chairmen, CDC executives in all the Biris and Towns, Youth Leaders and Women Executive are to help in enforcing these directives and sensitize the people through local communication channels to all Biris, Polos, Hamlets, Fishing Settlements , Towns and Communities in Kirike Kingdom.

Amayanabo of Kirike advise all residents in the kingdom to adhere strictly to preventive and health safety measures throughout this period of the scourge and remain united and be each other brother’s Keeper.

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