Gender Activist Advocates Priority For Girl-Child Education

As the world marked this year’s International Women Day recently, a woman activists in Rivers State, Mrs. Fredba Jenewari-Paul said girl-child education should be given priority attention in the country.

Jenewari-Paul who is also the Operational Manager of “Books for Africa Nigeria Initiative” in a chat with The Vortex correspondent in Port Harcourt, she said, women were relegated to the background but now parents have come to realize that they are relevant and important as their male counterparts.

She expressed dismay that some parents in some areas still regard the girl-child as second class without education and better treatment, stressing that society today demands that whatever educational advancement given to the boy child should equally be given to the girl child.

Women before now agitated for 35 percent affirmative but today we are agitating for 50-50 as it is in United States of America. I believe it will come to these parts of the world including Nigeria,” she opined.

Jenewari-Paul hinted that she is nursing the ambition to become the first female President in Nigeria which had been exclusive for the male counterparts and enjoined politicians to support women in politics to attain positions of their choice.

Women should stop seeing themselves as inferior but as equal to men as they are endowed with the qualities men posses; she further advised.

The Operational Manager of “Books for Africa Nigeria Initiative” also condemned the ill-treatment given to some women under the guise of culture or tradition, saying that such inhuman and obnoxious cultures should be abolished.

She however lauded the steps taken by the Federation of Women Lawyers towards ensuring the end of practices such as women circumcision and proof of innocence by a woman when her husband dies.

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