Mexico Returns Ancient Sculpture To Nigeria

The Mexican government delivered to Nigeria last Tuesday an ancient bronze sculpture seized by customs agents at Mexico City airport as its buyer tried to bring it into this country.

The sculpture, from the 6th century southwestern Yoruba city of Ife, shows a man wearing woven pants and a hat, sitting with his legs crossed and holding an instrument.

“Specialists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History determined that it was a piece of Yoruba origin. A beautiful bronze piece, and that being of Nigerian heritage, it should return to its home.” Diego Prieto, head of the agency, told a press conference.

Officials did not offer more details about the sculpture’s exact origins or the circumstances of its confiscation.

“It was also determined that it had been illegally exported,” the Mexican foreign ministry said.

Nigeria’s Ambassador Aminu Iyawa acknowledged the work of the Mexican authorities in recovering the sculpture.

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