Blind Priest With Massive Tumour Worshiped As God

A 32-year-old Indian priest Dabul Mishra is being worshipped by local villagers as a god due to a massive facial tumour.

Mishra who lives in Uttar Pradesh with his blind wife and their three children was born with the tumour has been unable to get rid of the growth despite visiting several doctors and exhausting his savings.

Mishra’s birth left him with the condition that caused his face and lips to grow to outsized proportions.He works in a local temple to support his family because he refuses to beg.

However, the villagers see the deformity as a blessing and believe him to be an incarnation of the god Lord Jambavantha, who is depicted with a bear-like face. His bizarre appearance has them worshipping him as an incarnation of Lord Jambavanta.

Speaking about his condition, Mishra said: ‘I was born with this condition but never took to begging because of my self-respect. Although I consider this as a curse, the people have now found a god in me and worships me as an incarnation of Lord Jambavantha.

I tried visiting many hospitals but no one could find me a proper cure, I almost exhausted my savings but then stopped going to the hospitals with a hope of cure. The government officials are aware of my condition but have not offered any help.”

Dabul currently lives in poor conditions with his blind wife and children – but has not lost hope .

His wife said: “It is a tough life for us as I am blind and he is suffering from this condition. It is good that I cannot see else it would have been more tough for me after seeing my husband in this condition.”

Mishra currently lives in poor conditions and his job involves collecting donations from devotees and singing songs at religious gatherings.

He is not giving up hope for a better life as he says: “I will keep fighting till the end and find a cure of it, it is just that at the moment I am not in the condition to afford my expenses.

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