RIWAMA Sole Administrator, Warns Against Absenteeism

The Sole Administrator of the Rivers State Waste Management Agency (RIWAMA), Bro. Felix Obuah has warned that the Agency would not hesitate to invoke prescribed civil service rules against workers of the Agency who have consistently failed to come to work without authorization.

Bro. Obuah said the warning became necessary following reports of workers in the Agency who habitually abandon their duty posts without justifiable reasons for months.

The RIWAMA Sole Administrator, disclosed this in a meeting with heads of Departments of the Agency.

He noted with great dismay that out of 16 workers employed by the State Government working in the security unit, only 6 have been reporting to work for the past months.

He regretted that the absence of security personnel from their duty posts is more worrisome as it leaves the organization porous and vulnerable which has resulted in recent case of stealing in the Agency.

While stressing that the Agency maintains zero tolerance to truancy and carefree attitude towards work, the RIWAMA boss described their actions as tantamount to sabotaging the genuine efforts of the Agency.

Bro. Obuah noted that it is both criminal and unethical for workers to consciously stay away from work only to show up at the end of the month to collect salaries.

The Sole Administrator advised those who indulge in absenteeism to turn a new leaf by coming early to work as and when due, adding that it is only by so doing that the objectives and mission of the Agency would be realized.

He directed the Director of Administration of the Agency to query all those offenders accordingly.

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