CSO Chairman Accuses Labour Of betraying Workers

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Rivers State have disappointed the workforce in the state. This was the view of the State Chairman of Civil Society Organization, Comrade Sotonye George while reacting to the recent face-off between Labour and the state Government over the minimum wage saga and the locking of NLC secretariat in Port Harcourt.

Comrade George during a telephone interview with our correspondent said since most Labour leaders were sponsored by politicians during their elections, they were like a toothless bull-dog who can bark but cannot bite.

According to him, it is unfortunate that most unionists are government candidates even at student union level, adding that when Labour stand up against government candidates is when they can command respect and carry out their duties effectively.

He said it is wrong for a government to build Labour House for the union because government will react whenever there is a face-off, and further called on workers to shun Political Labour Leaders.

The Comrade noted that since the master plan of the NLC building that was constructed by the state government is with them, the Labour had no statutory right over the building, pointing out that Labour supposed to be independent by either renting or having their own Labour House.

He alleged that some Labour Leaders are rich as some of them have built estates, and called on Labour Leaders to emulate the footsteps of a former front-line Labour activist, Tai Solari of blessed memory who was very rich in character and activism.

The State Civil Society Organization boss further advised that Labour should fight for the workers whom they swore to defend and protect rather than fighting for stomach infrastructure.

“He who pays the pipper dictates the tune”, George asserted and noted that if not there will be no reason for government to ‘dilly-dally’ over the payment of the minimum wage   because Rivers State is rich and government  can pay whatever is the difference.

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