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The Vortex @ One: Celebrating Vision And Passion For Newspapering

One year ago, precisely on the 21st of December, 2018, when The Vortex Newspapers, a full-color weekly newspaper with a vision to change the face of newspapering hit the newsstand. It was dexterity, panache and courage at work. And as the nation endures depression and political, economic and cultural upheavals, The Vortex has survived and prospered beyond imaginations.

As it marks its 1st anniversary in the market and in the minds of men of value, The Vortex is widely becoming an influential newspaper. Its philosophy of unbiased and balanced reportage of news across Rivers State and beyond is a major strength. 

The Vortex story is a complex and paradoxical blend of steadfastness and willingness to change, with staff espousing core values of fairness, accuracy and responsibility.

With The Vortex, readers have become accustomed to a supermarket of information, a panoply of sports, business, arts, entertainment, science and other areas, from the mundane to the mysterious.

Indeed there is something for everyone, elegantly written..

Speaking on the one year of The Vortex, Publisher of The Vortex Newspapers, Dr. Alpheaus Paul-Worika recalled the inaugural presentation of “The Vortex in 2018, thus: “we are determined to establish a privately-owned newspaper that will earn the trust and confidence of the public as critical stakeholders to whom he shall be accountable. Consequently, we have designed a content that takes into consideration the various segments, sectors and interest of our public as we deem it necessary to meet the wishes and expectations of readers”.

The Vortex has become a popular choice for readers. In the last one year as it has enthralled the media space with factual reportage, insightful features and profound comments that have informed, educated, enlightened and refreshed the minds of readers, keeping them glued to newspaper stands as they anticipate new editions of its publication.

The Vortex is committed to creative journalism that upholds the sanctity of facts while providing the platform to support every noble course. Its support for the #OurStateOurResponsibility campaign initiated by the Rivers state Ministry of Information and Communication received commendation from the Ministry. It is the peoples’ voice.

The Vortex has deepened its presence in the internet by establishing a website to supply internet users with news resources. So with just a click, you can access news stories, comments and features with unique The Vortex flavor.

The Vortex is determined to establish a tradition of news evolution that does not rely on spontaneous breaks that fizzle out moments after. The focus is on deep-rooted research that interrogates government policies and programmes and motivates the citizenry to be responsible for the enthronement of a value-based society.

It’s one year of service. The journey has indeed started on a good note.

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