Nigeria Should Get More World Heritage Sites –Expert

In order to maximize tourism potential, a Risk Management Expert, Arinze Madeleine Ogechukwu has recommended the inclusion of more Nigeria’s cultural sites to World Heritage Sites.

Ogechukwu made the recommendation in a chat with our correspondent in Port Harcourt.

She expressed concern that Nigeria the acclaimed giant of Africa has only two Cultural Sites, at Soku and Oshogbo listed as World Heritage Sites while Algeria had 7, Morocco 9, Senegal had 7, South-Africa 10, Egypt 7, and Ethiopia 9.

The risk management expert, who is also a cultural icon recommended Nigeria’s cultural sites that should be included in the World Heritage Sites as; Oguta lake in Imo Sate where two angry rivers flow side by side, but never come together, Agulu Lake with its reserved hundreds of crocodiles and turtles as well as Oron Museum, which she said was established in 1958 and accommodates about one hundred ancestral figures.

Recalling a paper “Trans-Boundary Cooperation for Effective Management of World Heritage Sites in Africa’ she presented at the UNESCO Meeting on Trans-Boundary Cooperation in Cote D’Ivoire, recently. Ogechukwu said some of the Africa’s Heritage Sites could go extinct if not properly managed and called for concerted efforts to save them.

Arinze who is also the Chief Consultant, Information Literacy Consult (ILC) said Nigeria could reap bountifully from tourism if it manages its Cultural Sites well.

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