Marriage between twin brothers and twin sisters is not a common occurrence. So it was a rare feat as friends and well wishers gathered to celebrate with the Ibe twin brothers, Emmanuel and Uchechukwu as they marked 25 years of marriage to twin sisters, the Ifeoma’s in Port Harcourt.

In a show of glamour, the couples, Ibe Emmanuel and Uchechukwu and their wives, children, relations and well wishers dressed in uniformed attires arrived the crowded Hub event centre to the admiration and cheers of the guests which included former Governors, Senator and members of the business community.

Emmanuel, who spoke to the media after the ceremony expressed appreciation to God for the peace and success that have attended their marriage to the twin sisters.

Describing their 25 years of marriage as a special gift, he explained that the marriage had never witnessed any form of disagreement between the brothers or the sisters.

He advised couples to trust God and show understanding enjoy long lasting marriages.

Chairman of the event, and former governorship candidate in Abia State, Chief Regean Ufoniba said the couples have shown exemplary devotion to one another in the way they conducted themselves in business and at the home front; advising couples to imbibe lessons from the humility of the twin brothers and the twin sisters.

Other guests, who spoke at the event expressed delight that the Ibe’s have, demonstrate rare love and trust which they said are the ingredients of blissful marriages.

Ibe Emmanuel and Uche, who are indigenes of Isuochi in Umuneochi local government in Abia State, are said to own several business investments located in Port Harcourt and other part of the country.

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