The discovery of automotive batteries in 1700 by Alessandro Volta changes the operations of motor vehicles around the world. Early cars were operated on electrical systems which was assumed to be quiet expensive and complicated. By 1800 key initiatives were made by manufactures which lead to the development of automotive batteries that uses acidic fluids. Then came the development of dry cell batteries in 1971 which did not require refilling with acidic fluids.

According to the Managing Director of Peterson Auto Establishing Dealers on kinds auto batteries, Sir Peter Nwaiwu, battery technology has changed greatly, adding the modern batteries no longer require acids that dry up regularly, rather motor batteries now contain a chemical called :Calcium” which prevents the inbuilt acid from drying up faster.

The experienced battery dealer describe batteries as presently the power and livewire of all automotive engines, adding that without the battery, motor vehicles and other automated devices may be useless to humanity.

According to the battery dealer, none of the batteries in the market are produced in Nigeria and insisted that all batteries in the Nigerian market come from European and Asian countries, particularly Korea and China.

“European batteries have a life span of 3 years while Korea, china and Japan lasts between 1-2 years as the case may be”, he said.

Tips on care for batteries

· Do not keep battery under highly heated area if your vehicle is not in use

·Keep your battery clean, and in airy environment.

·Avoid grease oil and water on your battery surfaces as this may affect the battery cells

·Always fix the battery hold tightly allowing your battery clip to dangle affect the battery cells.

·Do not always remove the battery from the vehicles except in extreme security precautions.

·Don’t keep your battery on bare floors as this may dampen the battery and weaken it.

·Vehicle owners should keep their charging system working to ensure durability of the battery.

Current prices of motor battery in Ikoku

· 75Amp China Product N15,000 – 17,000

75Amp European Made N30,000 – 35,000

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