Police Officer Caught Fondling Dead Lady’s Breast

An unidentified Los Angeles Police Department officer is currently under investigation after he was allegedly caught on body-camera footage fondling a dead woman’s breast.

 A department spokeswoman who confirmed the incident to NBC News says an internal investigation into the footage will determine whether the officer violated department policies and if his actions merit termination.

The incident happened when two LAPD officers assigned to downtown Los Angeles’ Central Division responded to a report of a possible dead body inside a home and found a deceased woman.

When one left the room after they determined the woman was dead, the other officer deactivated his body camera. Unknown to him, the camera continued recording. The footage it captured allegedly showed the unnamed officer fondling the dead woman’s breasts when he thought no one was watching.

The body camera was able to capture the footage because the devices have two-minute buffering periods to capture what happens right before they are activated.

A person briefed on the incident who was not authorised to publicly discuss the case told The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity that the footage was found during a random inspection of the officer’s body-camera footage.

LAPD Assistant Chief Robert Arcos told the Times that the body-camera recording was “very disturbing.” The police union called the accusation a departure from LAPD values, which include reverence for the deceased.

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