‘PH Rehabilitation Camp Where The Insane Get Healing’

The shanties and the unkept environment may look pathetic to behold for unsuspecting visitors; but that is indeed the location of Joel Brain Solution Rehabilitation Centre, where the Proprietor, Pastor Joel Amanchukwu camps and rehabilitates mentally challenged person taken from various streets in Rivers and beyond.

The shanties located along 55b Incour Road, opposite Express concerns in Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt, has over thirty men and women within the ages of 25-50 years.

Explaining how he came into the rehabilitation of mentally challenged persons in the society, Pastor Amachukwu said when he discovered that God deposited healing powers in him he began picking mad people along the road side and streets into the camp, feeding and treating them, to bring them back to life and return them to their people without charges.

Pastor Amanchukwu who emphasized that nobody was created to go round the streets and eat from garbage and dustbin said he began his healing prowess in 2006 when he encountered a young girl name Gift Asanye.

According to him, the girl from Enugu state was instantly healed, restored and reunited with her family.

The proprietor also explained that some of the mad persons picked from the streets usually responds to prayers and get instant healing adding that some who were not yet out of their memories are referred to doctors at the State Psychiatric Hospitals and returned to the camp for further healing processes.

“We continue the rehabilitation  until they start to communicate normal with human beings”, Pastor Amanchukwu declared.

On what motivated him to the works, Pastor Amanchukwu said he was spurred by the injunctions of Christ in Matthew 25:36 to feed and clothe the needy, “since I have the talent, I don’t need to wait until I die with my talent but to use it to add value to this world. I discovered that these people have something to do with my kingdom race and other people’s kingdom race too”, he explained.

The proprietor of Joel Brain Solution Rehabilitation Centre eloquently told this reporter that he started the task with the finances he earned from his business of turning to wealth but that when he could not cope with the increasing number of persons in the camp, he decided to appeal for humanitarian assistance from churches individuals and organizations.

He said several groups including churches and individuals have been responding to their appeals and messages through donations, adding that even with the added funding from his waste to wealth returns, the camps still needs the help of public spirited persons and groups.

“I am appealing to International Donor Agencies Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), the wealthy, churches, local , federal and state agencies to contribute in any manner they can to sustain the idea of NO MAD PERSONS on the Streets Our Visions is to build this rehabilitation centre in all the states in Nigeria and beyond”.`

Explaining that the organization was not one to solicit for personal enrichment, Pastor Amanchukwu called on people to partner with the centre, stating that over 20 persons have been rehabilitated and healed by the centre.

Some of these ones on the camp according to him can now be managed by their people but regretted that some of the rehabilitated persons cannot locate their homes, even as he added that their people may have also presumed them dead and forgotten about them.

Pastor Amanchukwu described the scourge of the mentally as deranged a global challenge that must be concertedly tackled.

He said it is inhuman and abomination how people created by God are allowed to walk on the street naked, feeding from drainages and dust bins, with some of them dead by the corner and decomposed on the street as a result of mental illness.

Pasto Amanchukwu attributed the possible cause of increasing rate of mental illness to multiple factors and dimensions, including frustrations drug addictions, inheritances from lineages.

Others factors he added were what he termed nemesis while some he stated are what human beings did to them.

“But whichever one it is, when the grace and mercy of the Lord comes down, they will be healed”, the pastor assured. The man of God advised parents and the society to strive to live a life of care and compassion to their fellow humanity.

Parents should start early toe advice their children and wards on the way they should grow, so that when they grow they will not depart from it. Evil doers should refrain from it because evil pays evil Depression can also lead to madness. Let everybody put his faith in God who has powers to do anything. The public should also help those depressed or stigmatized along the roads or the neighborhood with these we can reduce the number of hepatizes in our society. This centre is registered with the Rivers State social welfare Board; Pastor Joel concluded.

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