Woman Delivers Twins For Different Fathers

A woman   gave birth to a set of twins in the southeastern city of Xiamen with each one of them belonging  to different fathers in what is a very rare clinical occurrence.

Apparently, the woman was left with no option but to confess to cheating on her husband with another man in a one night stand, after DNA test results proved that the set of twins she gave birth to belong to different fathers.

She gave birth to two bouncing twin boys but surprisingly, the lack of resemblance between the babies raised eyebrows, compelling her husband identified as Xiaolong to ask for a DNA examination.

Director at the Fujian Zhengtai Forensic Identification Centre where the DNA test was conducted is reported as having told Xiaolong, that, one of the twins has no biological relationship with him. This incident, known in medicine as heteropaternal superfecundation, is a rare incident and previous studies suggest the chance of its occurrence could be between one in 400 pairs and one in 13,000 pairs.

Xiaolong is reported as saying he will gladly be a father for the baby which bears his DNA, and not the other one sired by another man. He appears to have indicated that he will not file for divorce, however.

His wife had initially denied the DNA findings, claiming that her husband had falsified the report to tarnish her image but eventually confessed. It is now not yet clear what will happen to the other twin.

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