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Why Nigeria Needs To Upgrade Its Security, Facilities

Hon. Emmanuel Ifeanyi, a security consultant based in Port Harcourt with offices in Ikoku motor spare parts market and other branches outside the state, speaks with The Vortex Business reporter, Steve Okeke, on insecurity in Nigeria and the need to deploy modern technology in tackling the challenges of insecurity.

What aspects of security are you into?

I am into all types of electronic security consultancy for cars, offices, home and human security. Technology has indeed advanced to the extent that there are now gadgets you wear on your body, put in your caps, glasses, phones, wrist watches and biros.

With killings, kidnappings and all manner of violence; how can technology help in curbing these security challenges?

Security solution is not the problem. The problem is that our country is not very serious about issues of security. Even we in the security business are not serious about issues of public and personal security. Nigerians lay emphasize on the pursuit of money without thinking much about securing themselves. People spend more money in acquiring properties rather than in securing themselves.

When you spend money to secure yourself, then you’re sure of what life is worth. Two years ago, I installed a security gadget for a car owner, but do you imagine that the client suddenly forgot to activate the security system in the vehicle until the car was stolen from him. It was then he raised alarm and contacted me, only to know that he had not made use of the services of the gadget in the car. It was only by the Grace of god that we were able to reactivate the security system and the vehicle was eventually recovered. So we want everybody to be conscious of personal and public security.

Sometimes people are killed and the perpetrators of the crime are not known. How can this be sorted out?

Nigeria and the citizenry need to upgrade our personal and national security consciousness and technology. Unfortunately insecurity all over the world is on the upward swing and technology is on the fast lane advancing to catch up with the challenges.

They are now minute security gadgets that have been developed which you can secretly install in your car, fix on a tree, roof of homes and in the public environment. There are wireless security that use small solar panels and will be giving you the needed information and daily incident reports.

Technology have advanced to the 4G upgrade, devices that you can fix even on a bulb in you homes and offices or any part of the building without having to run wires or cables anywhere in the building. You can even connect some devices to your phone and you can freely monitor your environment, offices, homes, cars, and other close areas connected to the device. In this era of kidnapping and vehicle snatching, there are devices that you can install in your vehicle and identify every persons or passengers, kidnappers or armed robbers and capture the faces of those responsible for the crimes. So I advice that we go back to the new world order where things work.

Recently some women were killed in Hotels in Port Harcourt and other States. How do you think CCTV; devices can be deployed to checkmate such killings.

Under normal circumstances, no hotel is expected to operate without installed Close Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) because security should be the most important strategic business plan for such recreational places in order to obtain information and protect the customers. There was a hotel I visited, and fight and violent attacks on people erupted; for such hotel without any electronic system device, how do you identify those who did what in the hotel?

In modern worlds, you cannot build a hotel to accommodate people without an installed security system in place. What may exist is that the security devices (CCTV) are not installed to capture events in the rooms but at least the entrance to the rooms; the bar, packing lots and the immediate environments are captured, so that you can monitor the premises. Electronic security devices are varied, some are cheaper and others costly depending on the need. The cheaper ones in the range of N30,000, N20,000, some cameras are as cheap as N5,000, N15,000 respectively. The 4G devices is the latest technology device which you can key into your phone and you can monitor distances without physically being at the scene.

If you open my phone now, you can monitor what goes on in one of my shops located at Ada George area. This device does not require running wires here and there as this gives criminals the alert of existing security device in the place.

So how do you think government can intervene to build the needed security consciousness of Nigerians?

Governments are all of us and security is everybody’s responsibility. Government can assist in various ways by enforcing laws and order. Just like what is happening now, the police have the right to order all hotels to install CCTVs. It is not optional but compelling and any hotel that does not have it, should be shut down automatically and the owners should be classified as supporting the perpetration of the criminal acts in the hotels.

Are you not worried that in the last 59years, the nation have failed to key into modern technology security system in fighting the scourge of criminality in the country?

In Nigeria now, our political leaders do not care about the welfare of the people. Even if everyone in the country is killed, so far as it does not affect them, they may not care. Most of them have their children abroad and in their houses, they are surrounded by a number of state and private security operatives with CCTV installed in their houses and offices and they ride bullet-proof cars. So how would they care? If they really serve the people, they will know that everybody needs to be protected irrespective of status. When leaders only mind their own interests and do not consider others, then there is problem.

Our leaders know what to do to upgrade the system but if they do it, it will stop the benefits they are getting in fueling crises in the society.

How do we can create greater security awareness and consciousness among the populace?

 Already the killings and other security challenges the states are providing the need for personal and organizational awareness. So the social crises all over the country have created the needed consciousness to seek new grounds including the use of technological security device to tackle the problems. The public have already appreciated the essence of what people need to protect themselves.

Do we have the requisite expertise to install and manage high security devices?

What expertise do we need to do this? Yes, we have the technical skills. Moreover it does not take anything to put up the modern devices. The modern device does not require much work. In large environments, at most two days are enough to complete installations. I will advice Nigerians to embrace security and invest in technology so that the insecurity in the land can be brought to an end.

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