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Traders List Challenges Of Spare Parts Business

Traders at the popular Ikoku spare parts market in Port Harcourt. Rivers state have expressed divergent opinions on the prospects and travails of the motor spare parts business in the past 59 years of Nigeria’s independence.

The Vortex newspaper was on the spot and interacted with a cross section of the motor spare parts dealers; at the market;

Motor Spare Parts Business Has Not Fared Badly -Uzoegbunam 

The motor spare parts business is good, although it depends on the individual. For me, in the past 16 years, I have been in the business, it has not fared badly. There are people who have succeeded and become millionaires. When we started the business at Ikoku here, there were people who were engaged in the importation of spare parts from Japan, Korea, china and others but today, it is no longer easy to do so. We use to have local companies engaged in the manufacture of motor spare parts like innocent industries and others but there no longer exist.

Government policies have not encouraged local manufacturers. We had companies like Michelin, Dunlop industries in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Odutola industries in Onitsha that manufactured tyres and batteries in Nigeria, but they have all closed down due to high cost of production. Today the borders are closed and this has affected business as goods can no longer be moved across borders. If in our 59 years of nation hood, we have no capable hands to manage the borders, so that those goods we cannot produce can come in, then our independence is questionable.

Ours Is A Story Of Economic Failure – Nwabueze Onu

I deal on fairly used motor spare parts for over 20years. The 59years does not appeal to me in anyway. There is hardship in the land and people are suffering and business is not moving well. The government of Nigeria has in the last 59 years failed to promote small businesses. The present government has worsened the situation as cost of doing business in the country has increased and traders of motor spare parts and other businesses has been the most hit.

We can no longer import as before because the cost of importation from china, Dubai and others because of high cost of foreign exchange, even the costs of clearing goods and transportation have gone up. In 59 years, you can see that no local motor spare parts manufacturing company still exist in the country.

The government should find away to cushion the effect of the harsh economic environment on businesses and the people. Look at it, the authorities have closed the borders, and the two tukumbo parts, we use to bring in no longer come, even food is getting scarce. How do you still talk of celebrating independence?

It Is Leadership Failure – Sir Chidozie Chibuka

I service and install solar power systems, batteries and panels for over 16years now. Honestly, I would not have wanted to talk anything about 59 years of Nigeria independence because there is nothing to talk about. The fact is that our leaders have failed the people in the past 59 years. We have no constant public power supply and the general wellbeing of the people have continued to slide.

For me, we are looking for a country; we can call our own, where government will talk about building an egalitarian society, where equity, fair play and justice can reign. You can see that not many today know when Nigeria celebrates her independence. People are more concerned on how to survive the hardship in the country. It is a nation of survival of the fittest with crises and violence increasing by day.

Where there is good governance, people are supposed to be happy. Those we gave power, have rather than serve us, are now re-colonizering the people. This government has not been sincere with fixing the public power supply. Today, there will tell us, we are generating 3000 megawatts of electricity but how does business survive under the epileptic power supplies. There are things solar power usage cannot carry, so people should use solar power for homes and offices.

Government should do the needful, allow experts to manage the power sector, put round pegs in round holes. They should support and encourage greater investment in the solar power for the people. It is 59 years of misappropriation of leadership, where corruption is thriving.

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