Cow Dung, Shampoo For Beautiful Hair

For the Angolan tribeswomen, dried COW DUNG is the best shampoo to style their hair  and shape it into thick dreadlocks which are then dyed using oncula, a type of crushed rock.

These dreads are then embellished using shells, beads and sometimes dried food to make them even more elaborate and eye-catching. 

 The Mwila tribe live in the sparsely populated Huila province of southern Angola and are well-known for their elaborate styles of dress, their hair decoration, and necklacesWomen use a mixture of oil, crushed tree bark, butter, dried cow dung and herbs to shape their hair into thick dreadlocks, typically numbering between four and six, though there can be more

Adult women also wear large necklaces which at first appear to be made of strings of beads but are actually large collars of mud with beads embedded in them.

The women are also expected to wear huge necklaces, made from a mixture of mud and beads, which they keep on at all times – including while sleeping.

While Mwila styles are designed to be striking, the dress codes also act as important symbols, telling viewers about the women and their lives.

The number of braids in their hair – usually between four and six – denotes whether they have reached maturity, but three braids indicates there has been a death in their family.

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