94 Yr-Old Fathers 100 Children, Takes Four New Wives

A 94-year-old father of over 100 children, Nulu Ssemakula, recently expanded his household by marrying four new wives in Ruyonza, a largely polygamous village in Uganda.

Ssemakula has
been successful in expanding his family boasting of more than 19 wives with
whom he has had more than 100 children and is still counting. His youngest
child is 10 months old now and the youngest wife, who is 24 years old is
pregnant. He currently lives with 66 of his young children. While some of his
children have grandchildren, the 94-year-old says he still hopes to have more
children and even marry more women.

married his first wife in 1952, who was soon joined by five others. They still
live together.

unfortunately lost four of my wives while others who needed more than I could
afford, I let them go. But they left me with children; I will still marry more
if I still have more years and even have more children. In children and wives,
is where I find my pleasure. That is my true wealth,”Ssemakula says.

According to
reorts,  Ssemakula has set up a mosque
and a primary school (Kiyombero Primary School), a coffee huller and a dairy
milk cooling machine in the village to cater for his family. Surrounded by the
homes of his children and grandchildren, Ssemakula’s home is a relatively huge
house with red ironsheets.

The house is
accessed by only one entry where the old man is often seated on a bench as he
watches over his “empire”. It is a typical agricultural homestead and the
family provides the much needed manpower for the vast coffee plantation.

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