“Digital Marketing, Innovation For Business Growth”

The Vortex features correspondent Manasseh F. Paul-Worika speaks with Ellah Innocent, an indigene of Omoku in Rivers State. Innocent, a graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt and Chief Executive of BluePen media in Port Harcourt.

Tell us about BluePen Media.

BluePen Media is a multimedia firm that offers services in graphics designing, branding and social media management. We also render professional services in Photo/Video editing, Whiteboard/2D animations and digital marketing. Our goal is to create top notch contents for our clients who wish to reach out to more customers via the internet.

 What Inspired BluePen Media?              

As a student, I had the opportunity of learning programming, web designing and graphic designing from some friends. I found it fascinating and decided to improve my knowledge and skill in it. I also discovered enormous opportunities in digital marketing, graphics designing and video editing and decided to delve into this field to assist business owners and organizations reach a wider audience with their services.

What’s the most fascinating thing about your job?

The ability to think and conceptualize. Bringing the ideas of my clients into reality through graphics or web designing is tasking but fascinating too. When I am on a job, I think like there is no box at all. I think creatively to ensure I give my clients the best for their businesses.

How can business owners benefit from digital marketing?

In a world where technology is fast growing and taking over every sector, business owners need digital marketing to drive their products, contents or services to their target audience faster and at low cost. You can showcase what services you render, your contents and goods to a large audience using social media, the internet etc. It simply means business owners do not need to go through the routine method of even owning a physical shop. You can create a system that will enable people reach you irrespective of your location. With digital marketing, business owners will save more time, resources and money.

What challenges do you encounter?

Creativity is one thing that makes our job outstanding. Sometimes it could be difficult coming up with a really creative idea for clients especially within a short time. This has been a challenge to me. Also, in a world where competition is on the rise, staying in the game is another challenge. But it only makes me improve and reach out for more.

What keeps you going?

The desire to accomplish new task and make my brand the best amongst others.

What makes BluePen Media different from other media firms?

We are detailed, ensuring we render quality services to our clients. Customer satisfaction is our watchword so we create a friendly environment for our clients to do business. We’ve also created platforms to enable our clients connect with us irrespective of their location.

How has your business helped you?     

It has improved my skills, created opportunities for me to meet with people who I consider “Gurus” in this field. And then the financial benefits too has helped me.

How does BluePen operate?

Clients can connect us on our social media platforms or visit our office to get their jobs done.

What are your projections?

Expansion is what every business aims at. At BluePen, we are not looking at expanding alone, but to be one of the finest multimedia firms in the country, providing our clients with real solutions with just few clicks on their smart phones.

How has competition from others influenced you?

There are lots of designers and digital marketers but not all move me. Those who are outstanding make me push to be more creative and think outside the box. Basically, competition is needed for growth, but I try to careful so I don’t work under undue pressure.

Advice to youths waiting for white collar jobs

I’ll advice youths to invest in creativity and proffering solutions to problems. Start up that business and ensure you put in your best to make it great. Time is of essence; don’t fold your hands waiting for white collar jobs. Do something creative and productive that’ll make you stand out.

Advice to young entrepreneurs?

So many persons tend to give up once they notice their business seem to be generating returns. They allow complacency creep in and at the end of the day, they end up shutting down the business. There will be challenges. All you need is to stay strong, hold on and believe that it won’t end there. Keep doing what you love doing and always seek the wisdom of God to lead you.

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