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Central Union Will Attract Govt Attention To Ikoku Market

Chairman, Progress Line at the Ikoku motor spare parts market, Mr. Nwabueze Onu, ‘Onyeukwu Na’Enugu’ has made a passionate appeal to traders and line leaders in the market to unite in restoring the central leadership of the spare parts market.

Exchanging views with The Vortex in his office Onyeukwu expressed the view that a united traders union in the market will restore sanity and greater developments for traders in the market.

He lamented that the lack of a central leadership in the market has deprive traders in the market of the needed attention of the state government.

According to the chairman, a central leadership in the market will be able to represent the traders’ interests and speak with one voice on matters concerning the market.

Nwabueze, who said he was one of the executive members of the former leadership under Maxwell Asonye however expressed the belief that the recent reapproachment by the respective line chairmen in the market towards restoring a central leadership for the union will yield the desired result.

On the impact of the Nigerian economic crises on motor spare parts business, Nwabueze lamented that traders have been the worst hit, stressing the cost of importation of spare parts has increased the stress of doing business in the country.

“The few importers who import these motor spare parts from Dubai, china and Malaysia are no longer finding it easy to bring in the goods because of high cost of foreign exchange, shipping and clearing costs in the country”, he said.

The businessmen called on the state and federal authorities to cushion the effect of the economy policy on the businesses. He equally regretted the closing of the nation borders with neighboring African countries adding that the measure has added to the difficulty of bringing in motor spare parts into the country.

Onyakwu, Na Enugu, who has had over 20 years foray into the business of old motor spare parts marketing said apart from importation of the spare parts, old motor parts or ‘Tokumbo’ parts dealers also source materials from knock down vehicles bought by traders in the market .

Speaking on his achievements in the last six years of his leadership of Progress Line, Nwabueze listed the peace and orderliness among traders on the line as one of his most treasured achievement.

He added that sanitation aimed at keeping the line clean has been a priority of the traders.

The progress line chairman however stated the plan of the traders to construct embankment along the line to stop the menace of flood in the area, regretting that during rains, most of the shop on the line get flood due to the sloppy environment of the area.

Nwabueze who said he spent six years learning the business, explained that he had to raise funds from his family members to start his own after his apprenticeship.

He admonished young aspiring entrepreneurs to strive to work hard and shun easy life, stressing that business is all about patience.

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