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‘Power Steering Guarantees More Effective Control Of Vehicles’

Vehicle steering repairs and servicing expert, Jude Ekeson said vehicles with power steering device gives vehicles users greater confidence in the control of their vehicles than manual steering models.

Exchanging views with The Vortex reporter at his workshop, Ekeson stated that modern vehicles especially the Japanese cars come with power steering.

Ekeson who specializes in the repair, sales and maintenance of all types of steering Hubs, Axle and pumps, explained that steering pump aids the supply of power to the steering, which makes the vehicle steering softer and easy to manipulate while in motion.

The vehicle steering technician, who said he spent over 5years to acquire the skill, emphasized that the effective functioning and workability of vehicle steering depends on the experience of the technicians and the quality of materials used in the servicing of the steering.

According to him, he gets more jobs and patronage on power steering vehicles than the manual, explaining that there are more power steering vehicles users in Nigerian, compared to those with manual steering vehicles.

He added that no auto company in Nigeria manufactures both the manual and automatic steering, pointing out that technicians and dealers of the product will benefit immensely if it is locally produced.

The experienced technician appealed to those in authority at the state and federal levels of governance to assist people with technical skills by sponsoring them for further training and give them empowerment incentives to enable them broaden their knowhow.

Ekeson admonished youths in the country to strive to learn skills in order to have a secure future, stressing that to acquire skill requires patience and intelligence.

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