‘PH Presents Enormous Business Opportunities For Make-Up Artistes’

The Vortex features correspondent, Manasseh F. Paul-Worika speaks with Miss. Ikiozigha Ebipade Gift, from Agge town in Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. A 300level student of Management at the University of Port Harcourt, she is the CEO of Gif_tore_touch in Port Harcourt.

Tell Us about Your job?

I’m a makeover artist. I also work as a make-up consultant. And I own “gif_tore_touch”. It is  a company that gives top notch make-over sessions and also render professional consultancy in the art of make-up to both individuals and corporate bodies.

How long have you been in the business?

Professionally, I started three years ago (2016). But before then, I had been on several trainings in make-over. I decided to start my own brand in 2016.

How has the Journey been?

It hasn’t been smooth, but it has been God all the way. I’ve had times when I felt like giving up, but prospects of the future kept me on track. Simply, the journey has been life-changing and exposing.

Why make-over?

I’ll say growing up as a child; I never liked how adults (females) around me looked in make-ups. Sometimes, it looked too horrible for my liking, and I thought I could do something better. Asides the fact I wanted to do something better, I’ll say I had great passion for makeovers. And so, my desire to do something different and the passion I had for the art pushed me into it.

About unemployment in Nigeria?

It’s really saddening. The unemployment rate in Nigeria is terrifying and I believe Government can do more in addressing this menace. Government should invest in skills acquisition trainings and creating alternative measures to handling the inadequate job opportunities in the country.

Make-up artist and make-up consultant, how does it work?

As a make-up artist, I get to meet a lot of people with different faces and skin. Being a consultant helps me keep my client’s faces in order, by giving them tips and maybe products that could help their look.

What challenges do you encounter?

My biggest challenge has been turning down customers demand because of academic work. It’s really a big challenge.

How do you cope as a student?

I’ll say it’s been God. I’ve not had any time my work and academic activities clash. But even if it does, at this point in time, I don’t think I can sacrifice my academics for my work. If I find myself in a situation where I have a major job to do and it clashes with my academic work, I’ll simply refer my client to someone else I know can do the job perfectly. But in all, I think proper planning has helped me in handling such situations.

Impact of other make-up artistes on you.

I’ll say it has helped me grow and become better. When I realize that there are lots of make-up artists in town and people have enough options to pick from, I simply give my best to ensure I’m among the best make-up artists in town and in the country. I wouldn’t say I’m perturbed; I do my best and ensure I make significant progress each day.

What are your projections?

In the next three years, I don’t just want to be a great make-up artists; I’m looking forward to having my own make over products. Build an institution where I will teach people professional makeovers and be at the top of my business line.

What’s the price for makeover sessions?

Pricing is based on some factors. I consider the personality, event and the class of products to be used. There are high class products and regular products. High class products are usually for bridal makeovers, which are expensive and cost ranges from #10,000 – #100,000. Regular makeovers are for normal outings, birthdays, dinners, etc.  and price ranges from #3,000 – #5,000.

Your advice to other youths.

There’s something every youth can do. There’s no need waiting for white collar jobs anymore. Besides, the society is not about what you study, but what you can do that puts food on your table. Do whatever you have great passion for, leave your comfort zone and you’ll become successful.

Advice to young entrepreneurs?

So many persons tend to give up once they notice their business seem to be generating returns. They allow complacency creep in and at the end of the day; they end up shutting down the business. There will be challenges.  All you need is to stay strong, hold on and believe that it won’t end there. Keep doing what you love doing and always seek the wisdom of God to lead you.

Is Port Harcourt business friendly?

I’m not from Rivers State, but I’ve lived here for a while. Truth is, there are lots of opportunities in Port Harcourt. Port Harcourt is business-friendly and I believe any serious minded person can become successful here. I’ll advice all youths to leverage on the enormous opportunities Port Harcourt presents.

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