Blacks in Finland are changing race relations with the power of the afro hairs through a community community called Good Hair Day

– Micheala Moua, one of the founding members of the community said it offers a safe place to talk about what   bothers them.

The gathering is such a structured one that features workshops and panel discussions that offer educational help to members.

 Blacks in Finland, among which is Michaela Moua, are challenging the discourse on race with the use of their hair.

 Moua who was born to a Finnish mother and an Ivorian mother is one of the five members called called the Afro-Finns.

 The group is also the people behind the Good Hair Day, a ceremonious gathering that celebrates afro hair, which started in 2015.

Speaking  with the BBC, Moua said that though there are there are not regarded in the Finnish society, they are still a visible minority. Why is democracy better than military rule? The gathering does not just come together to talk about hair, there are workshops and panel discussions that offering helpful and education pieces of advice.

“We wanted to create an event that not only celebrated afro hair but was also educational and offered advice on how to take care of afro hair – especially for mixed race families. Many of us [Afro-Finns] thought for a long time that we were alone and a lot of us felt very lonely. This was a way to bring us together and realise there are more of us than we thought,” she said.

 She also added that the Good Hair Day is also a safe platform that allows the participants to come bare their experiences. In that vein, it becomes more of a support community for the black or mixed minority. “We don’t want to be objects. We are creating our narrative now and with projects like the Good Hair Day we are creating a safe space to talk about our experiences, to talk about our hair and offer advice and support to one another. It’s empowering. We are here to uplift our community,” she said.

According to BBC, though Finland is rated on sexual and gender equality, the same cannot be said when it comes to race relations.

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