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Dearth Of Locally Made Windscreens Worry Traders

Dealers of motor windscreens at the Ikoku spare parts market have decried the dearth of motor windscreen manufacturing companies in Nigeria.

Chairman of Devine Favor Line at the Motor Spare Parts Market, Mr. Tobias Onyedika who spoke to The Vortex regretted that companies such as ISO and STG which were engaged in manufacturing of vehicle windscreens have collapsed.

Onyedika who attributed the extinction of the firms to the nation’s economic crises, said vehicle mirrors and windscreen presently on sales in Nigeria are all imported.

The chairman told The Vortex that the problem of windscreen markets in Nigeria is more of costs and not that of low quality.

According to him, the motor windscreens that were produced in the country are inferior in quality to the imported ones, adding that Nigerian-made motor windscreen develop mucous galls and textures if packed over a long period.

“Honestly, I have experience in the business. It is not about fake glasses or windscreen but the cost because the customs duty laid on the product has gone high and this has scared our customers”.

 Onyedika who has over 20 years experience in the business charged the government to create a conducive environment that will encourage business and industrial growth and appealed to the Rivers State government to repair the road leading to the gate of state primary school which passed through the line.

The chairman explained that since he took over leadership 2 years ago the issue of poor sanitary condition of the line has improved.

He said they had agreement with authorities of the state Universal Basic education (UBE) to ensure they keep the access to the gate of the school free for pupils of the Saint Thomas Primary School in the area.

The chairman added that as neighbors to the school, the over 50 members of the line usually make donations and contribution to the school as a way of showing love to the children and commended the Nigerian police for ensuring that adequate security prevails in the area.

Onyedika admonished young and prospective entrepreneurs to remain determined to succeed in whatever area of business they find themselves.

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