Woman Gulps Bottle Of Whiskey, Delivers Drunk Baby

A  29years-old woman,  Rianna Marie Cameron, from Minnesota, United States, has been charged with manslaughter after gulping a whole litre of whiskey while 34 weeks pregnant

The  baby girl  she  delivered was found drunk and later. The infant was said to have been found at her mother’s feet with the umbilical cord still attached and looking purple in the face.

Police were called to reports of a non-responsive infant at her mother Rianna Marie Cameron’s home in Minnesota. They arrived to find two kids, aged two and three, left unattended in a room on the first floor.

They then heard a male voice coming from upstairs and made their way to the master bedroom, where they arrived to find the baby girl at the foot of the bed, purple in colour and who appeared to not be breathing.

The baby was found at her mother’s feet with the umbilical cord still attached .Officers performed CPR in a desperate attempt to save the newborn. Paramedics arrived and transported her to hospital but she was pronounced dead at 9:39 pm that night.

According to the criminal complaint seen by CBS affiliate WCCO, the autopsy revealed the baby died due to “complications of acute ethanol intoxication and unsupported delivery.”

The baby was born with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.234 – triple the drunk driving limit in most US states. Cameron recorded a BAC of .21.

Prosecutors said Cameron had a track record of alcohol dependency and had twice been warned by police not to drink during her latest pregnancy. She on both occasions told cops she was sticking to her treatment.

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