‘Destruction Of Landmarks, Cause Of Nation’s Woes’

Crises’ bedeviling the Nigeria state has been linked to the Destruction of ancient landmarks that served as a beacon of equity in the country.

A lecturer at the University of Port Harcourt, Dr. Uwaoma Ironkwe while delivering a lecture at the 57th birthday of the General Overseer of the Abundant Life Evangel Mission (ALEM), Apostle Eugene Ogu in Port Harcourt. Dr Ironkwe described ancient landmarks as significant structures and principles that tend to guide families, communities and nations in its quest for equity and balance in the conducts of its affairs.

According to the lecturer in 1960, Nigeria managed its affairs on regional basis, and each region developed according to its capacities and comparative advantage of resources noting that while the North has the advantage in groundnut productions, the western region and east maintained their leverage on cocoa and palm oil resources respectively.

Ironkwe explained that the Ahmadu Bello University and other out national institutions were built based on revenue from groundnut production in the North, the western region, built the first television station and sustained and free education policy of the Chief Obafemi Awolowo administration from the revenue derived from cocoa products.

He added that the University of Nigeria Nsukka, the Trans Amadi Industrial Estate and other infrastructure facilities in the region were constructed with revenue from palm oil, emphasizing that Nigeria was united and witnessed developments from the various regions.

The university don expressed the view that even the old national anthem that reflected those cherished values of the nation was replaced making the wordings of the anthem no longer realistic.

Ironkwo lamented that the removal of those ancient landmarks, destroyed the unity of the nation adding that truth and integrity that are needed to guide the nation has ceased in the land.

The lecturer regretted that all manner of atrocities including killings, armed robbery, corruption and oppression has become the norm adding that illegality and nepotism now reigns supreme in the affairs of the nation. “The recognitions of the potentials of the country are lost; peace has eluded the country. Except the landmarks are restored, Nigeria will not achieve much”,. Ironkwe submitted.

He maintained that the consequences of the removal of these ancient landmarks have been the crises that has be devilled on all fronts listing that the crises in the nation’s education system which he stated has induced massive population of out school drop outs, unemployment, poverty, insecurity and general darkness in the land.

Ironkwe, who spoke on the topic, “Rediscovering the Ancient Landmarks’ called for the rediscovery of the potentials that strengthened the country’s greatness and unity, regretting that any society that pulls down its ancient landmarks cannot make progress.

He also advocated for the nation to return to the service of God and tasked leaders of the nation to convene a peace and reconciliation conference as a way of reigniting love and truth among Nigerians.

The event was attended by former Governor Chibuike Amaechi who was represented by Chief Emeka Baekee, while the Executive Director of Finance and administration of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Dr. Oyirinda Christ Amadi among other dignitaries also attended the event.

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