The newly inducted 120 members of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) Port Harcourt branch inducted 120 members and fellow recently. The inductees have been charged to uniquely position themselves to create an impact within their environment by discharging their responsibilities in conformity with the ethics and profession of the society.

Speaking during the ceremony, the Chairman, Engr. Precious Bob-Manual advised them to uphold the ethics of the profession.

Engr. Bob-Manuel opined that the induction of new members into NSE is important because it signified the admission of future leaders of the society, pointing out that there are indications that they would one day inherit the responsibilities of running her affairs having gone through the tedious registration processes designed to text every engineer worthy of his or her salt, and congratulated them for possessing all the qualities and being inducted.

He disclosed that the society is on the verge of reviewing her memorandum of and the Article of Association (men Art) which is to introduce rotation of the NSE presidency beginning from the election of six vice-presidents for the zones and a deputy president, and used the occasion to thank the president and founder of Belema oil producing Ltd, Tein Jack-Rich, the Guest Lecturer and Managing Director of Du-Dubuch Ltd, Arch Duboye Donald Graham-Douglas for the support for the branch.

Highlights of the ceremony was a visit to the Port Harcourt Prison were the General Secretary of the Society, Engr. Hachimenum Nyebuchi Amadi in his sermon admonished the inmates to use the period of their incarceration to draw closer to God, stressing that the love of God for mankind is without comparison.

The Chairman of the Engineering Week and Induction Committee, Engr. K.D.H. Bob-Manuel said they should personally undertake to be socially intelligent in a way that would aid their management of diversity, thereby leading to the growth of their local government area.

In his paper titled, “Diversity management: key to effectiveness in local government administration” Dr. Justin Mgbechi Odinroha Gabriel hinted that no workplace can possibly operate in a state of workforce homogeneity, because there are bounds to be differences and similarities amongst its workforce.

Gabriel said the paper is coined to discuss workplace diversity and its management for organizational effectiveness, pointing out that workplace diversity is key to organizational health depending on how it is managed, but when efforts are made to had been an integral part of the branch with the donation of food items and toiletries to the inmates, while the Prison Pastor, Pastor Martin Agwu appealed for N60,000 to assist a  prison inmate carry out a surgical operation on his swollen foot.

In his lecture titled, “Building resident Infrastructures: The role of architects,” Arch Duboye Donald Graham-Douglas noted that the Governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike has shown a great desire to address these challenges and face them squarely of the fundamental infrastructures foundations in the one city state of port Harcourt.

Graham-Douglas opined that the government strategy seemed to be in tandem with trending current models, adding that, “current growth can be enhanced through technology based infrastructural improvements to arrears such as road networks, city transport, water planned sanitation, agriculture, culture and education, which should redirect our communal and social responsibilities and eventually the economy”.

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