Beheadings In The Days Of Horror. Sylvia Amadi

Towards the end of 2018, some anti-kidnapping operatives of the Lagos State Police Command arrested two brothers, Saheed Obadimeji, 19, and Ayodeji Obadimeji, 18, for allegedly beheading 10-year-old Joseph Makinde. On interrogation, the Obadimejis confessed that one Sodiq Abefe contracted them to provide him with a human head at the cost of N200,000.00 only.

Recently, precisely on.July 15, The Nation Newspaper reported another case of brutal killing in Cross River State. Chief Sunday Obite, clan head of Ebom village, alleged that belligerents from  neighbouring Usumtong village, both in Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State, on July 13, beheaded one Oti Ato and his son.

The man and his family, the story revealed, were harvesting cassava when they were attacked by their assailants.They even made the wife, Eliza Oti, watch while they beheaded her husband and son; and asked her to inform her family.”

The grandson, who was receiving treatment in a hospital at Itigidi, following   bullet wounds he sustained while hiding in the bush, also captured the ugly scene of the beheading of his grandfather.

Here in Rivers State, the music seems no different . On January 23, China, as he was popularly called by his peers, a young man from Rumuewhor community in Emohua Local Government Area, was shot dead while seeking protection in his mother’s arm, his head was cut off right before his parents and siblings. 

Not too long ago, four persons identified as Rhino, Justice Azubuike, Nwobueze Woke and another whose name couldn’t be ascertained were said to have been beheaded in Omuoko, Aluu in the Ikwerre LGA.

Residents of Rumuekini in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, had their turn on May 22nd when they woke up to yet another gory incidence as unknown gunmen shot dead a man in the community and beheaded him.

The horrified wife of the victim narrated that after her husband, Chima was shot dead in her presence, the killers did not only compel her to fetch a kitchen knife and bowl, they took time to severe the head of her husband from the body in her presence and forced her to carry the head and put it inside the bowl.

Apart from these cases, information from different communities in the state and the country at large, leaves one wondering if ‘beheading’ could probably be a new trend in crime..

If Saheed Obadimeji and Ayodeji Obadimeji beheaded their victims for financial gain, what is the explanation for the current trend of beheading and abandoning the head at the scene of crime?

My heart bleeds not because people are being killed indiscriminately but because the security apparatus appears handicapped and helpless. More worrisome is the fact that our environment is dotted with the presence of security personnel, yet incidences of criminal acts happen very frequently.

Sadly, there are complaints that even while the operations of the evil men last, potential victims can hardly call on the police for quick intervention and get a positive response. Instead, they wait until the criminals complete the mayhem on their victims before they emerge to arrest the innocents and make money out of a supposed unfortunate situation.

This pervading murderous impunity has already taken a crisis dimension and must not be encouraged to thrive. These isolated crimes can best be solved by local people giving  credible   information to relevant authorities, and the appropriate authority acting swiftly upon receipt of information.

It is for this reason that the need for community policing becomes imperative as  community people who can easily identify criminals in their midst will help to make the work of the Police easier and yield the desired result.

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