Condemnations Trail Removal Of Dokubo As Amnesty Chair

Condemnations have continued to trail the removal of the Special Adviser on Amnesty programe for the Niger Delta, Professor Charles Dokubo from his position by President Mohammadu Buhari

Former chairman of the Ijaw National Congress (IYC) Eastern zone, Sir Alali Horsfall while condemning the action of the federal government said Prof. Dokubo should have been allowed to stay longer as was the case with previous appointees.

He added that the Special Adviser has performed well in his position in the last one year, emphasizing that he should have been given more time on the job.

Also speaking, a former member of the Niger Delta Amnesty team under President Musa Yar-dua, administration, Mrs. Elfreda Olungwe expressed dismay at the action of the government stressing that the Eastern zone of the region where Prof. Dokubo comes from should not be relegated in the scheme of things.

She explained that since the West and central zones of the region have had their tenure, other zones should equally have their turn, insisting that the Kiama incident should not be used to judge the Special Adviser on the job.

Olungwe described Professor Dokubo as a man who will not engage in any negative activity, adding he had always advised against people of the region engaging in anything that will tarnish their image

Olungwe, who said she was the only woman from the region to have been appointed into the Amnesty team, agreed that the programe has not benefited the females folks but added that the women of the region believe that the Special Adviser would do more for them if allowed to stay longer on the job.

Elder Tude Amaye Kio  added that it will be outright marginalisation if the incumbent Special Adviser is removed in office within a short stay.

Presenting the position of the IYC on the matter, Information Officer of the body, Comrade Dagogu Humphrey condemned the purported removal of Professor Charles Dokubo as chairman of the Niger Delta Amnesty program.

Comrade Dagogu explained that Prof. Dokubo the first person from the zone to be appointed had barely lasted for a year on the job having been appointed in 2018.

The IYC said the Kiama Declaration, stood against all forms of oppression, injustice, marginalization and political exclusion against the region and urged President Buhari to rescind its decision and reappoint Prof Dokubo to the position.

The IYC also commended the President for suspending the controversial RUGA programe and urged him to caution the Coalition of Northern youths for issuing a 30day threat to the government to reinstate the suspended RUGA initiative.

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