Ijaw Youths Charged On Building Capacity Mindset. Manasseh F. Paul-Worika

Ijaw youths have been charged to build capacity through information, value orientation and skills development for self-reliance to preserve and reposition the Ijaw Nation for a better tomorrow.

Editor-in-Chief and publisher of The Vortex Newspaper, Dr Alpheaus Paul-Worika gave the charge at the annual students week of the National Union of Izon-Ebe Students (NUIS), Rivers State University Chapter held recently.

Speaking on; ‘’Building Capacity Mind-set for the Development of the 21st Century Youth in the Ijaw Nation,’’ Paul-Worika urged Ijaw Youths, to build capacity adding that, it is only with the right information, demonstration of intelligence, boldness and brotherliness will the Ijaw Nation be sustained and a better tomorrow assured for all.

He said, ‘’as Ijaw Youths, you must develop creative and current ideas in your mind through the right information. The vision you have in your mind is dependent on the amount of information you have. And until you have a mind-set of excellence, courage, boldness, and the right information, you can’t move anywhere.’’

Recounting the tremendous achievements of Ijaw heroes such as King Alfred Diete-Spiff, Melford Okilo, Harold Dappa-Biriye, Isaac Adaka Boro, etc. in their youthful age, Paul-Worika charged Ijaw youths to prepare for leadership positions through self-development and a genuine concern for the progress of the Ijaw Nation, adding that the responsibility of sustaining the Nation is vested on them.

He said, ‘’if your mentality is such that, you can make things happen, then you shouldn’t be at the rear to let those who don’t have the capacity lead you. Prepare for leadership. This is a time for knowledge, a time to strategize and build relationships with other ethnic groups because as a minority group, you can’t do it alone. This message is for us to know we have a big task and it is to make the Ijaw Nation have a better tomorrow, except we are proactive and get things done really quick, there’ll be no Ijaw Nation.’’

In his remark, Special Assistant on Media to the Ijaw youth Council (IYC) Eastern Zone Chairman, Comrade Gabriel Allen noted that the Ijaw Youth must learn to speak against oppression, adding that it is only with courage and a strong will can the Ijaw Nation thrive.

He said, ‘’like Major. Gen. Isaac Adaka Boro who fought for emancipation at a young age, the Ijaw Youth must take a leaf from him and make the fight for freedom a priority. We are not engaging in a physical battle, but we must engage in an intellectual fight.’’

Also Speaking, Barrister Gabriel Peterson urged Ijaw Youths to shun violence in the pursuit of justice and progress for the Ijaw Nation, adding that in the struggle for justice and progress, they must be free from all ethical violations.

Peterson explained that the Ijaw land possesses tremendous potentials that if harnessed can bring about the desired change and progress.

He said, ‘’the Ijaw land is beautiful. Like Canaan, it flows with milk and honey. Milk represents refreshing and honey represents sweetness, all we need is right here and it takes just a deliberate effort to harness the great potentials we have to showcase us to the world.’’

Speaking to The Vortex, President of NUIS, RSU chapter, Comrade Tamunobelema Paul Abel stated that the event was timely as it was packaged to reawaken the consciousness of the Ijaw Youth to the great task of preserving the Ijaw Nation in the midst of fierce oppositions.

He appreciated the IYC Eastern Zone Chairman, Comrade Samuel George for leading a great delegation to the occasion in a show of solidarity and prayed God blessed all those who honoured the occasion.

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