I have seen our world change so significantly in my short, very short stay in this world of ours.  One little change, or seemingly little, and the impact and the attendant change is just something else. They didn’t know that the computer revolution was going change the way we communicate, the way businesses are done, kill our postal system as it were, and change the face of commerce in its entirety. 

It was first, to make the business more effective, then the internet, the connections, the interfaces, the spiralling changes, the social networking systems, and the changes that keep changing everything. I have a very exciting art mind.  I use technology, I make connections and I have such a wandering mind that keeps me asking, so what will our next new world be. Not sure if I can make so much conjecture of what our next new world would look like, but I can put it up for talks.

  Really what is our world going to look like later this year and in a few years time?  Then you need to ask, is it all about technological innovation or changes? Is innovation all about technology, the technical and the scientific? What do you think? What will drive our next new world? Science, yes! Technology, yes! And people systems, thoughts, the way we live, and the way we do things.  I am going to say, our next new world would have to process and blend a new system, a new people process and policies that is informed by the beautiful art, and enabled by technology.

Of course, and that brings me to the initial convoluted explanations, whatever it would look like, it would be hugely technologically enabled, art and science will meet at some point and technology will give it meaning and form.  An art piece is best presented in its core raw state.  True, but technology will come to preserve and present such in its core raw state, but refine it to make it even more meaningful.

In the next new world, I believe there would be lots and lots of answers and solutions.  Diseases would be treated because there would be new advances in medicine and treatment options interfacing with other technological systems. Technology would be developed and huge advance in science would be attained.  Existing technologies would be shoved into obsolescence, and we would look back over a short period and have a healthy dose of laughter that we actually did the things we did the way we did them not too long ago.  Because of changing and newer technology, rules of the game would change, in the law court, when we drive and the way we live. 

Value and need satisfaction would be met in a different way.  Meeting these values and needs in themselves and in new ways, would give impetus, drive, push and pull while giving direction and steer for the next new world. Standards would be redefined.  Current systems would change.  Increased accountability and transparency would be demanded of the world, businesses and the leaders of the developing countries and economies.

But there would be lots more new questions to be answered and new solutions to be sourced for new problems that we never knew before.  Like finding solution to the implications of great leap in technical and machine-based production system that have spewed so much into our world and we are having to find ways to take care of the environment the way we never thought before! And there would be problems just integrating it all into our new world as we move gradually, but steadily from the world we know now. 

Quite scary for me though, is the fact that we would question the basis of our own existence, our deeper views and even our spiritual views and foundations.  It would become a more permissive world too and we would increasingly have to deal with the tyranny of the minority groups and views and thoughts, as the majority yield grounds to the minority positions.

I could go on forever!  What are your thoughts about the next new world? What would you do to shape the next new world? How would you shape the next new world? I am missing something, I know, tell it … but you got the brief?  The brief opens now, tell your view of the next new world, I am looking out, and we are looking out!

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