A common desire of every woman is to look gorgeous and attractive daily through a preferred sense of style. Gladly, makeover does the magic by complimenting that unique fashion choice via the enhancement of one’s beauty for fresh and natural look.

In offering confidence-boosting beauty tips, The Vortex special correspondent, Blessing Aseminaso, features Miss. Anita Foy, the CEO of Glitz’n’Foy makeup artistry, in this edition. Anita is a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt. She hails from Asaba, Nigeria and has been a professional beauty artist since 2015.

Makeup Tips For Beginners

·               Start with a clean skin:

Wipe away any impurities from your face using clean wipes or a gentle toner

·               Apply A light moisturizer:

This is to keep your skin from getting too oily or dry during the day.

·               Always start with a face primer

·               Conceal Dark circle and Blemishes:

To achieve this, use a concealer with a shade or two shades lighter than your skin tone.

·               Apply foundation evenly using a brush and a sponge to blend.

·               For flawless blending, clean a brush before moving onto a new product or area on your face. This way, you won’t pack on more product than necessary.

·               Sweep a soft eye shadow colour across the lid, line your lash line using eyeliner and apply mascara.

·               Use eye premier before applying eyeliner and eye shadow to prevent them from fading or smudging.

·               For a long lasting colour, use a lip liner to create a shape and define your lips before applying lipstick.

·               Finally, to avoid cake-face makeup, use finishing spray to give your face an even natural look. Not only does this help your makeup stay on longer, but it also gives your face a nice, dewy glow.


Beautifully shaped brows immediately up your makeup game. The following are thus necessary to achieve a perfect brow.

·               Do not take out all your brows with the aim of recreating it, but a little.

·               Do not use pencils darker than your skin tone

·               Fill your eyebrows (preferably with either a brow powder or brow pencil) following your natural hairline direction.


Purchase makeup kits that match your skin tone. Concealers, Foundation, Powder, etc should only be a shade or two shades lighter than your skin tone, to avoid looking hideous.


The atmosphere tends to alter our looks during the day, so it’s wise to play-down on makeups during such period. Avoid bold look or use of excessive colours during the day, to prevent exaggeration by light.


Glamorous look at night makes you gorgeous, so be bold on your makeover.


·               A little use of quality cosmetics can enhance your beauty. Avoid excessive makeups because it makes your mistakes obvious.

·               Makeovers only plays down on skin problems but does not fix it. Proper care of your skin is necessary.

·               The best makeup tip ever is sleep. Always create time to get enough rest.


·               Makeup is fun and easy to wear. All it takes is a little bit of practice and some bit of daring to try something new.

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