‘Every New Business Needs Publicity To Succeed’

In this edition, The Vortex features correspondent, Manasseh Paul-Worika speaks with Miss Emmanuella James Okpu, from Imiringi town, Ogbia LGA in Bayelsa State.  A 400 level student of Pharmacy at the Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State, Emmanuella is the Chief Executive Officer of ELLAH’S STITCHES.

What’s your job About

I make crotchet bralette and halter tops. My products are specifically for ladies who need an alternative to the conventional brassieres. The amazing thing about my crotchet bralettes and halter tops is that they are made of wool and knitted by me.

How long have you been in the business?

Professionally, I started 3 months ago (January 2019). But before I started fully, I went through several personal trainings to ensure I master the craft. I decided to start my own brand this year. And so far, I have delivered a good number of my products to clients.

What makes your crotchet bralette different?

Crotchet bralettes gives the comfort conventional brassieres wouldn’t give. It’s comfortable, customized to fit the clients taste and since it’s made of wool, there are enough openings to permit flow of air.

How do you cope as a student?

I’ve not had a serious clash with my academic activities. Besides, if jobs clash with my academics, I’ll decline such jobs because at this stage, my academics is more important.

I also believe good planning has helped me in handling some situations.

How has your business helped?

I’ll say I’ve been surviving with the gains I make from my business. It has made me financially independent and at this level, I’m able to assist myself academically (fees, course materials, etc.)

Challenges so far?

For now, I’ll say publicity. Every “baby business” like mine needs a good publicity strategy to bring the business to limelight. As we all know, the most effective means of publicity in this era is the social media. Although I have a challenge with publicity, I’m not leaving any stone unturned. I’m leveraging on the opportunity presented by social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to push my business to the public at minimal cost.

Your advice to youths?

I believe there’s something every youth can do. We’ve gone past the age when it’s all about your certificates; it’s now about what skills you have that can get you a living.

I’ll leave with this quote from an anonymous writer, “your certificates may swell your heads, your certificates may magnify your tiny ego. Only skills to perform excellently on the job and capacity to deliver outstanding results will guarantee continuous patronage and swell your bank account.”

Invest in a skill!

For capital, it’s never a crime starting at a small rate. Just get started and have a big picture.

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