Uphold Tenets Of Journalism, Director Tells Inductees

Students of the International Institute of Journalism, IIJ, have been charged to uphold the tenets of journalism at all times in the practice of the profession.

Director, Port Harcourt study centre, Dr. Ibituru Pepple said this at the 12th induction ceremony of the institute held last weekend in Port Harcourt.

Stressing the need for journalists to work and excel in the profession he cautioned that time is of essence in the practice of journalism.

He said, “The business of journalism is a business that is very time conscious. If you play with time in journalism, then you’re ready to be lagging behind in the profession. The more timely you are in the reportage of news stories and reports, the more progress you make. But if you fail to keep up to time, especially in this period where we have to deal with spread of news like wild fire on new media platforms, it will affect your progress. Hold tenaciously the doctrine of timeliness in the discharge of your duty”.

Pepple admonished inductees to be agents of change as journalists and not allow the ills of society affect them negatively.

Speaking with The Vortex correspondent shortly after the ceremony, Pepple explained that the induction of students into the institute is significant as it marks the beginning of the journey into the profession of journalism.

He advised students to take their studies seriously to avoid poor grades.

Miss. Faith Idisenimi Tommy, an inductee who spoke to The Vortex, expressed joy as she was formally inducted into the institute, stating that, it’s a dream come true as she has begun her foray into the world of journalism.

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