The Governorship election In Rivers state has come and gone, it is now time to support the winners of the elections to deliver on their campaign promises in the interest of peace and development in the state.

The political tension in Rivers state before, during and after the 2019 general election was as a result of the inability of the main opposition party in the state ,the All Progressives Congress (APC), to contain its internal crisis ,which resulted to the party’s non inclusion on the ballot for the elections in Rivers State.

The tension later heightened when a faction of the party led by Hon Rotimi Amaechi in their desperation to clinch to power by all means adopted an unpopular candidate of an unpopular political party in the state as their governorship candidate, with the hope of using federal government apparatus to subvert the will of the people, which didn’t see the light of day.

Though innocent lives were lost in the defence of the will of Rivers people , but Rivers people are today the happiest people among the states where governorship election took place in Nigeria , because theirs was more like an election between the Nigeria Army and the unarmed people of Rivers State, but in the end the people defeated the army after a long and bloody election.

In all these we must commend the other faction of the APC led by Senator Magnus Abe, for putting Rivers State first during the elections, because they would have also adopted a candidate of another political party and double the political tension in the state, but they chose to showcase the Riversness in them by calling on their supporters to vote for candidates of their choice across party lines, in the interest of peace in the state, while pursuing their cases in Courts.

After many months of legal tussle between the two factions of the APC in the state, the apex Court of Nigeria has put an end to every false hope of becoming part of an already conducted and concluded governorship election in Rivers State in the minds of members of the warring factions of APC in the State.

With the latest and final declaration by the Supreme Court, it is now well explained to the two factions of the APC that none of them exist in the eyes of the law in Rivers State, having not met the constitutional requirements in the conduct of their separate congresses (Direct and Indirect Primaries). But with the recognition of the lawyer representing the Magnus Abe faction of the APC as the authentic Legal Adviser of the APC , only time can tell what the future holds for APC in Rivers State.

While the winner of the Governorship election in Rivers State and incumbent Governor of the State and his supporters continue thanking God and the people of Rivers State for the overwhelming support the Governor enjoys in the state, which is as a result of his tremendous achievements in his first term in office , as well as his commitment to the unity, security and development of the state, it is also important to note that over 80 political parties pitched tent with the Governor to secure the state from the external forces bent on hijacking the state by all means.

The adoption of Governor Wike by over 80 political parties before the elections is a clear indication that the governor is loved across party lines. The only group of politicians in Rivers State who would have a contrary view of the performance of the governor are those loyal or linked to former Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, whose attempts to install a puppet in Bricks House after he left office in 2015 has continued to suffer rejection from the people of Rivers State.

At this point in the political life of the APC in Rivers State one would expect that the warring factions of the party would look for a common ground to resolve their internal crisis and rebuild the party ahead of 2023 election, and allow the Governor of the state to consolidate on the achievements of his first four years in office. The Governor at this point needs no distractions, but all the support to take the state to greater heights.

Elections have come and gone.

While the winners go about delivering on their campaign promises, it is also important that the losers take up the role of the opposition by criticizing the government constructively while preparing ahead of the next general election in 2023; and not to spread propaganda to de-market the state or sponsor crime and insecurity in the state just to distract the Governor and his team.

Rivers State at this point needs all the peace it can get to enable the governor and his team to continue the good works they have been doing, having triumphed in the elections to secure a second term. Taking into consideration the unprecedented development witnessed in Rivers State within his first term, there is no doubt that Rivers State is in for another four years of extraordinary development with the reelection of Governor Nyesom Wike.

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