Extend Protection To The Unprotected

The position of security in Manslow’s hierarchy of needs after food, shelter and self-esteem or actualisation explains its over-riding importance in any social entity especially a volatile and tribally divided state like Nigeria.

Security therefore can entail a deliberate attempt by anyone to protect himself or herself from external aggression. This can be geared towards the protection of lives and property or anything of value to the person.

Year in year out, the security budget of the Federal and state Governments gulp billions of taxes payer’s money set aside as security votes. For instance, a total of one Billion Naira of tax payers’ money was approved for the provision of security in the North East, yet the people this money should protect are left unprotected to wonder about  and keep faith in God.

Today, an average political office holder goes about with a retinue of vehicles and trucks with all manner of armed security personnel.  Loads of security personnel that will be enough to secure an entire community are at the beck and call of one man. And these personnels’ bills are paid with the resources of the “unprotected” majority.

The children of those protected men are also not left out in the convoy of security personnel, often escorting them to churches and night clubs. Sometimes they are in company of friends who merely join to squander the tax payer’s money.

The escort team of a Nigerian Minister’s wife entails several trucks of armed police and Military men with a truck carrying as much as eight security personnel while Nigerians who actually need the security are abandoned to their fate.

The mobilization of huge securities to escort money, equally underscores the matter being considered in this write-up, as an average bullion van, carrying money that is not worth the lives people is most times escorted by Toyota Hilux vans, heavily loaded with armed personnel. What are they securing? “The rich man’s money”,

This is considered  more important and should be more secured than the life of defenceless Nigerians on the streets of our cities.

During the burial of influential persons, an annoying number of security personnel are usually drafted to provide security, as if the “rich dead man” has suddenly become more important than the living helpless citizens he’s left behind to mourn Him.

Today, it is a common sight to see present and former militants escorted and guarded by the same Police and Army, whose services are in dire need by the average law abiding tax paying Nigerian public

There are some villages and towns without a single police post and if there’s any, are poorly equipped and without necessary facilities to fight crime and criminals.

In the history of kidnapping, no high-profile politicians are hardly a victims and goes to explain the extent to which those who actually need the security are neglected. Today all Nigerians seem to have a task to provide security for themselves as the centre where much was expected can no longer provide for them. The fear of this has led to the proliferation of all manner of security groupings both at the local front and other institutionalized levels.

Against this backdrop, some state governors have established security outfits to complement the centrally-controlled security agencies. The Lagos state government has its own security outfit, Ogun state, Kaduna to mention but a few have theirs in various forms. All these further go to buttress the importance of security for the “unprotected”.

However, the one established by the Rivers State is still struggling to see the light of day.

There are instances where stealing of phones from unsuspecting citizens in Rivers State became the order of the day. Handbags and purses are snatched from ladies at will and they were left protected as the menace  continued unabated.

 The security of the less privileged here quoted as the “unprotected” should occupy the centre stage of every security arrangement. The assignment of so much security personnel for the use of one politician at the expense of the tax payers is a disservice to the generality of Nigerians and humanity and should be done away with.

The equipping and retraining of the police and other security outfits in the state and the country are urgent and key to harnessing security of lives and property not only for the rich and top political office holders and members of their families but the average and poor Nigerians who are not less important as citizen of this country.

I dare say the opinion expressed in this article represent the views of many Nigerians and should be taken seriously, so that everyone will sleep with his or her two eyes closed.

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