‘Competition Helps Me To do Better’

The Vortex features correspondent, Manasseh Paul-Worika speaks with Mr Tamunotonye Jack, a native of Abonnema in Rivers State and final year student of Biochemistry at the University of Port-Harcourt. Tonye is the CEO of Tee-Y’s collection, an event planning agency in Port-Harcourt.

Tell us about your job?

I’m an event manager, interior/exterior decorator. I also bake. But for now, I major in interior/exterior decorations.

How long have you been in this?

It’s been something I loved right from childhood. I discovered I loved basically anything that had to do with putting pieces of clothes together to make something beautiful. But I decided to go into it fully in 2018. So I’m just a year old in the business.

What inspired you into interior decorations?

First, I’ll say its self-realization. I realized the passion and drive for it, and then I decided to go into it not just for the money involved, but for the love of the business. Besides, I think the society is no longer about certificates but what services you can render.

While on internship, I had opportunities of working with individuals who are established in the business of interior decoration and that gave me the motivation to move into the business fully.

What is your experience so far?

It’s not an easy one. Especially when you’re new and when you don’t have all the equipments to work with.

In decorations, you can’t compare one who has all the gadgets with one who hires to work. When you have everything in place, you make more profit because there may be no need to hire materials.

How has the competition in the industry influenced you?

There are many event planners and interior decorators in Port Harcourt, meaning the competition is fierce. But what can make any one stand out is meeting targets, thinking creatively, and giving the best. These are areas I’ve made deliberate efforts to work on and I’m certain it’ll yield results.

The competition has only helped to improve me and make me reach out for more. As much as I can, I try to put in my best everyday in ensuring I become better than I was yesterday.

What are your projections?

In the next three years, I want my brand to be known nationwide. And then in the long term, I’ll love to go global.

I’m not self-oriented and I’m working towards building a team because event planning is all-encompassing. I’m planning on working with exceptional photographers, musicians, caterers etc so we can move our brand forward.

Has Port Harcourt given you enough opportunity to showcase your skill?

Port Harcourt is a good place to run business. With many events and occasions here and there, it has opened me up and given me a lot opportunity to show what I can do. I’ve had several jobs to handle and I believe I’ll have many more.

I’m assured that anyone who is ready to improve and become successful can do so in Port Harcourt.

Advice to youths who are yet to discover their skills.

Everyone has the ability and capacity to do something no matter where you are or where you come from. Don’t feel relaxed where you are, leave your comfort zone and chase success. Sitting at home doing nothing is not the best. Youths need to rise up to the tasks. Stop waiting for empowerments from government and politicians. Discover you’re potential and live that dream you want.

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